It to inform their loved ones’ weeks ago

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Last updated: September 22, 2019

It was quiet muddling back in an early 19th century to cope in communication without technology. ‘The Tangshan earthquake, also known as the Great Tangshan earthquake, happened is 1976. It is still dreadful being imagined there. 242,769–700,000 dead.  Shanghai sent 56 medical teams to Tangshan, in addition to the People’s Liberation Army who was assisting while also trying to fix their tarnished image of Red Guard suppressors’. It was all possible by technology which made easy for them to communicate for succor. Technology communicates us faster, providing information update expeditiously and helps in international affairs and cost-effective.

  Back in early 1800, People faced many major issues regarding communications. Antonio Meucci was the one great person who invented the telephone in 1849. Yes! That was all due to technology which helped Londoners from that very grim event which was held from 5 Dec 1952 – 9 Dec 1952 to communicate with worldwide doctors. That catastrophe is known as Great Smog of London. 12000 people were dead and 200,000 were injured.

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With the help of this technology the called others governments to aid them the might be many, but it was all embraced by technology.       People endured such a pain back then without technology they ought to inform their loved ones’ weeks ago as if they need their help in something. Time is considered as one of the most precious things, without technology communication was just a wastage of time as well as money.  However, you can say accessibility is another word for technology. You will always find technology as easy to use and easy to carry with you. The olden days, communication was limited because their course of action was slow, limited and time-taking. Now-a-days! You can communicate with millions of people by just posting your slant on social media.

By simply using a cell phone and even smart watches you can obviously communicate with your loved ones no matter how far they are around the globe. Emojis are also considering to be the best way of communication. Technology has also made easy to communicate with the patient hearing impairment which is also succor of technology.

 There are almost more than 5 % people having a hearing issue. It seems like very low percentage, but it’s almost 360 million people across the globe. Technolgy made their life easier to communicate and become the part of a heedful community. As we all know that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ if the technology was not important for communication enough then maybe they wouldn’t even ponder it, but communication is becoming easy and easy with the advancement in technology.     Battle of Stalingrad is not like any other battle because in that battle Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen used technology which was radio, with the help of that during the last war he collaborated with the Nazis.

Some of them still considered radio as a life saver. The great Harry von Zell which was American announcer said ” Radio is the most intimate and socially person medium in the world”    In spite of that, it would be a chaos in communication without technology. Envisage you are miles away from your home and you have an accident how could you inform anyone about your situation without using technology and where communication come, friends and family comes. It would be isolation everywhere.

 No one ever come to know that you are even existing or not. If you don’t communicate the people who care about you eventually the time comes when they start ignoring you. The world would fall into mass chaos. Some still think that technology makes a distance between people in communication. Not only kids but also, adults are wasting their time using technology, but the truth is even moon has its dark side. On the contrary, technology makes communication strong, one of the great factor that there is no time restriction to communicates with your loved ones using technology and distance doesn’t matter.    The denouement of this argument is that we are too much reliant on technology on the basis of communication.

Technology also do play an essential role of privacy in our communication and helped many patients in communication  

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