It to its level of work productivity. Stress

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It has been investigated by (kreitner and kinicki, 2005) that work stress is an adaptive reaction characteristic and is found to be associated by an individual or psychological process. It can affect and hinder the performance of an individual as it directly relates to its level of work productivity. Stress can arrive in any form such as excessive demands by the organization which an individual might not be able to fulfil or unrealistic deadline and over workload, so therefore it does not match up with the ability of the employee knowledge.

This can result in individual being stress as he will start to overthink and over compliment things, thus affecting the employee ability to perform the role to the best of his ability. (Michi, 2002) states that “stress is a psychological and physical form” which occurs when the capabilities of the individual are not deemed enough to cope with the stress and pressure of the situation. There are lots of theories which support the arguments that there is a relationship between work stress and job performance and they directly relate to one and other. The employee who suffers from stress at work will always likely to have lower level of performance and less productivity at work than their peers.  According to Kahn’s role theory (Kahn et al, 1964) “employees often feel stress as a direct result of their experience fulfilling work related roles.”  An employee who is experiencing conflict demands at work or job roles might experience role conflict; a conflict which looks tangibly constructed but is experienced psychologically.

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For example a supervisor might be pressurised by his superiors to set high production goal but feel a concurrent pressure from inferior worker to relax production expectations (Kahn and French, 1970).  Kahn also referred inter role conflict such as excessive demands being made by the superiors at work and the individual being told to do two separate job roles with the same time frame will have an effect on his performance as its incompatible. Also Kahn’s theory explains that “individuals might experience other stressors as a direct result of fulfilling work related stress”. For example particularly when an employee do not have enough accurate information required to complete a given work role, known as role ambiguity that individual will therefore go through psychological stage also known as negative emotions which will lead to anxiety, dissatisfaction and thus lowered levels of  job performance and productivity  (Kahn et al, 1964).    In (Podsakoff, N. P.

, LePine, J. A., & LePine, M. A.,2007) It states that being overpowered by stress is mostly felt in highly driven professional’s challenged with high work demands. Another work related stress factor is known as burnout as employees from all sectors will likely to come across it in some point of their career. These types of employees feel emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted and they no longer have the desire and will to give their hundred per cent, they become unattached to their job role and “don’t have the positive impact on other people or their job.” Thus resulting drop in employee job performance at work.

 In (Penney, L. M., & Spector, P. E, 2005) It has been by researched that “job stress is predictive of lowered job performance”, It also suggest that studies have revealed corresponding findings with job burnout.

  “Burnout is a psychological pattern evolving as a prolonged response to chronic interpersonal stressor on the job”.  “The three key dimensions of this response are an overwhelming exhaustion, feeling of cynicism and detachment from the job,” and a sense of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment”. Individual that suffers from these types of stress (burnout) signs will show feelings of being overstretched and worn-out of one’s emotional physical resource.  Workers will feel tired and used up without any source of refilling; it’s known to being that individual going through overwhelm exhaustion.


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