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Last updated: June 23, 2019

ITPM align the IT portfolio by developing requirements for IT projects to stay within a certain cost, scope, risk and quality. This process involves a number best practices to help ensure the project is not only successful, but if it is worth it. Some of the ways to mitigate a failed project involve, talking to stakeholders, communicate up and down the chain and following the SDLC for development are a few best practices to keep the project on track.

The important thing is to realize if a project is not going to help the business it needs to be taken off the plans and move on.- Assess the systems development life-cycle (SDLC) and explain how the life cycle, when executed properly, can maximize business value. Note: All stakeholders point of view should be considered.The SDLC is a proven way to apply goals and checkpoints to IT projects, hardwareSoftware systems development is, from a historical perspective, a very young profession.An SDLC has three primary business objectives:- Ensure the delivery of high quality systems;- Provide strong management controls;- Maximize productivity.In other words, the SDLC should ensure that we can produce more function, with higher quality, in less time, with less resources and in a predictable manner.Primary objectives of Implementation phase are to ensure that:- Software is installed – The systems are placed and used by actual users.- The users are all trained – Training is provided to the users of the system usually through workshops or online- The business is benefitingMaintenance includes activities like keeping the system up to date with the changes in the organization and ensuring it meets the goals of the organization by:• Building a help desk to support the system users – having a team available to aid technical difficulties and answer questions• Implementing changes to the system when necessary.This is how the life cycle, when executed properly, can maximize business value

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