I’ve community seems very friendly and unique and

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Last updated: October 1, 2019

I’ve been playing HCF since the Kohi Days and I’ve loved the community ever since. I know most HCF communities aren’t friendly and they are mostly toxic. But this community seems very friendly and unique and I would love to be apart of itStaff:When I played HCRiots (Another server owned by Inspect) every single map I’ve played I’ve seen the staff team working very hard. I’m not trying to praise the staff or whatever but I’m just saying that most staff teams that Inspect runs are very professional. I would love to work with the Mine Jams staff team and I would always try my best to do my job.

Helping:One of the main reasons I want to become staff on Mine Jams is to help out players. I’ve always loved helping out player in-game and in teamspeak and will focus all my time doing so. I have seen players filling support rooms every SOTW on HCF servers and I’ve always wanted to be the person helping them and moving players in teamspeak. I also see players asking for help in chat a lot and I never see staff responding. I understand staff are busy and have other duties other then just in-game and teamspeak. But I want to be more active in teamspeak and help out players in-game.Forums:I’ve been active on the forums of every server I’ve been staff on. I’ve also seen a lot of players putting some mildly inappropriate stuff on the forums I want to help out around the forums a lot and make sure that none of that stuff pops up.

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Cheaters:I’ve always seen cheaters on HCF Server’s and I’ve always run into them. I want to be the person to stop those cheaters and clean most HCF Server’s of them. I always find closet cheaters as well and I want to make sure that they don’t get away with cheating.Chat:I see a lot of players saying racial slurs and other things that break the rules and they get no punishment. I want to make sure that players aren’t saying that in chat and they are all following the rules.

I also want to make sure that no one is telling other players to harm themselves in real life because I’ve known many people who were told that and have taken it seriously. 

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