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Jane’s Quest for Love and Acceptance Charlotte Bronte’s, Jane Eyre, is an autobiography that focuses Jane Eyre’s past and her search in finding love and acceptance. The inception of Jane Eyre’s quest begins with her infancy and continues all throughout her adult life. She is presented with new obstacles as she ages all which test her vigorously.

Her successes present themselves during her stays at Gateshead, Lowood, Thornfield, and lastly the Moor House. Jane experiences different types of triumphs throughout her quest that allow Jane to become a stronger person by the end of Bronte’s autobiography.In Jane’s quest for love and acceptance, she is rewarded with social success, love, and a sense of belonging. Throughout Jane’s endeavors, an obstacle that Jane overcame and succeeded in was her social standing. Jane’s childhood began in a poor family; she was uneducated, rebellious and was looked down upon by Ms. Reed and her children. Eventually she was given the opportunity to go to Lowood and study, where at first even there she was also looked upon as a liar.

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Jane dealt with her troubles at Lowood, and eventually gained discipline and earned a good education.She learned kills that would allow her to provide of some service which managed to get her a Job at Thornfield. During her stay she was supposed to marry Rochester, but something particular about the marriage bothered Jane.

Jane thought that her social status was a big problem in the relationship; Rochester was a wealthy man and Jane was Just somebody who worked for him. At last Jane discovered through the help of St. John that she had been left behind a lot of money by her uncle, which was a factor in her returning to Thornfield to find a crippled Rochester and marry him.Essentially Jane egan from the bottom and managed to overcome the obstacles presented to her to reach status of a wealthy married woman. The education she received allowed Jane to venture out into the world, and the respect and discipline she acquired from Lowood allowed Jane to finally amend with Ms. Reed in her dying moments. The inherited money allowed Jane to marry the man who she loved, and feel comfortable in the marriage.

Perhaps the greatest success in Jane’s quest can be the reward in finding true love through Rochester. Throughout her childhood Jane never really knew what love was or how to express it.She saw guidance and support from Ms. Temple and Helen, but never a true sense of love. Jane was told that she was not the best looking woman, but it was her qualities that were what defined her. Rochester was the first man who really loved Jane for who she was, and reached out to her. At first however Rochester in fact hurt Jane; Rochester left Jane confused and hurt through his actions.

Jane faced Jealousy from Rochester’s first fianc?©e Blanche, and was shattered when she learned of the dreadful secret of what Rochester was ever reluctant to tell Jane.Learning of Bertha led her to run away from Thornfield, only for her to come back to Rochester and realize he is the man who she truly loves. Jane did not know how to from Thornfield and Rochester saw another man by the name of St. John attempt to marry her and travel the world as missionaries. Jane knew the marriage was not in fact true love, which was also a factor in her return to Thornfield.

Jane’s pursuit of acceptance saw the greatest benefit throughout the course of the novel. While at the beginning of the novel Jane was abused and treated harshly, her life only saw more acceptance as it progressed.For instance at Lowood Jane found the first true friend she ever had in Helen. Jane admired Helen’s pure qualities and her particular way of thinking. Helen was always there for her, as so was Ms. Temple. Ms.

Temple helped Jane adjust and settle at Lowood as she helped clear up the lies that Mr. Brocklehurst had said about Jane. As Jane matured into a woman, she was also more accepted by Bessie, Elyza, Georgiana, and Ms. Reed. Although she was considered very low at Thornfield, she was treated respectfully and kindly by the other maids and Mrs. Fairfax. Most importantly of all, Jane finally had a family she could rely on and trust.During her escape from Thornfield, she stumbled at the Moor ouse, which she later learned that the family was her cousins.

St. John, Maria, and Daisy all helped and cared for Jane. Jane now had a family and trust in Rochester and their newborn baby, something she had longed for ever since her childhood. Jane’s Journey saw her overcome all of the obstacles she faced. Her life advancing saw all of her troubles go away through her actions and strong mentality, which allowed her to emerge victorious mentally, emotionally, and physically. Jane’s victory in social status, love, and acceptance are well deserved as Jane had a long and draining quest.

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