Jane Eyre Ch. 1-8

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Last updated: May 1, 2019
How does Jane view herself and society?
Answers will vary. Jane sees herself as simple and plain in contrast to a society of wealth, status and women of beauty.

What is the red room and why is it significant in the Reed household?
The red room is where Mrs. Reed locked up Jane for a period of time.

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It is also the room where Mr. Reed died.

Describe how Bronte uses Mrs. Reed and Miss Temple to show contrasts in characters.

Answers will vary. Mrs. Reed and Miss Temple are opposites – Reed is cruel and selfish; Temple is kind and nurturing.

Identify 2 symbolic elements in the novel that relate to either romantic or gothic literature.
Answers will vary. The setting that is both mysterious and suspensful; the neglected female in need of saving.

How does Jane end up with Mrs. Reed?
Jane is sent to live with Mrs. Reed after her father dies. Mr. Reed was her father’s brother who promised to care for Jane, but he too has died so she is sent to live with his widow and children.

How does Helen respond to her punishment?
b.She blames herself for her punishment

Why is Jane at Gateshall?
c.Being an orphan, her uncle Mr.

Reed promised to care for her

What is unusual about Jane’s journey to Lowood?
c.She rides alone on a 50 mile journey

What best describes Lowood?
a.A charity school for orphaned girls

How does Mr. Brocklehurst punish Jane?

Makes her stand on a stool all day

What does Jane think school will be like at Lowood?
b.Girls will learn to paint and speak FrenchORd.Girls will study religion and social values

Which best describes Jane?
b.Simple, plain, but intelligent

How does Mrs. Reed punish Jane for talking back to her?
d.Locks her in the red room

Who befriends Jane at Lowood?
a.Helen Burns

How is Jane hurt at Gateshead?
b.John Reed throws a book at her

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