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Last updated: May 25, 2019

Jeffrey Davitz wrote an article discussing the right to die with dignity. He wrote the article using a narrative style which grabbed the readers interest. As well as this Jeffrey Davitz made the reader empathize with him as he carries his message. Jeffrey Davitz main purpose was to share how he had seen light after being been buried in darkness; so he is telling the reader to never give up.Jeffrey Davitz article carefully showed his belief of a person’s right-to-die but also presented that having the right to die does not mean that people should decide on it as their first choice.

Jeffrey Davitz article started with a really strong headline. He started his headline with three short effective sentences which were, “I’m dying of brain cancer. I prepared to end my life. Then I kept living””I’m dying of brain cancer” is a very short strong statement which is full of impact which is direct from the writer giving a shock effect impact and an impact of a killer to the reader.

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The second sentence “I prepared to end my life” makes his death more certain because he wants to commit a suicide crime making the reader curious to know what’s going to happen next.However the last sentence “Then I kept living” gave a shocking effect on the reader because of the shocking survival after the two promises of death making the reader even more curious about what is going to happen next.So Jeffrey Davitz started his article by mentioning how dreadful his fate has been, making the readers imagine the feelings that Jeffrey Davitz had when he heard from the doctors that his life will end anytime soon by using  some imagery to appeal to the readers, such as the phrases ‘most lethal and aggressive brain tumors’ and ‘grim and precise’.

Later on Jeffrey Davitz wrote about himself being diagnosed with brain cancer. He wrote about  how much he suffered during his brain cancer journey and how his family emotions impacted on him. He mentioned his experiences, thoughts, and preparations that he had, that lead him to decide that dying with dignity is the right thing to do since Brittany Maynard, a 29 years old woman who had prognosis similar to Jeffrey Davitz she ended her life in 2014, before any legislative action in California by, by relocating to Oregon, establishing residency and taking advantage of the death with Death with Dignity.However the preparations that Jeffrey Davitz had to do for the decision of dying with dignity have made a shockingly  change on his life and made him choose to keep on living.

 Jeffrey Davitz wrote in his article about a law called “aid in dying” that would allow physicians to help patient end their lives which is ironic because doctors are supposed to help people to live. However some people think that they can take advantage of aid in dying, this is because they would not  suffer from the pain and would not let their loved ones suffer longer from the thought of them leaving anytime soon.”Death with Dignity” is dying with respect from people. The writer used the word dignity so it would sound acceptable for the reader since it is a positive word.Moreover the phrases “My father agreed” “I talked with my brother about logistics and other arrangements”  showed that his family supported him in his journey of Dying with Dignity and where happy to  help him, since Jeffrey Davitz  family didn’t want him to suffer from pain and dont want him to think that he is burden. However jeffrey Davitz family surely didn’t  want Jeffrey Davitz to die.

After that Jeffrey Davitz wrote in his article”We picked a place and time” “when my brother was in the house with me, so he could handle the aftermath and spare anyone else shock.” since Jeffrey Davitz  family doesn’t want Jeffrey Davitz  to suffer from brain cancer. Jeffrey Davitz family where supporting him in his journey of  dying with dignity  because they thought  it was a sensible  decision to not let him suffer from pain and to not let his loved ones suffer longer from the thought of him leaving anytime soon. However trying to survive for himself and his family and his loved ones is worth the pain.Meanwhile Jeffrey Davitz wanted to be the director of his life not the cancer, it was like a play for him “I,not the cancer, was issuing the stage directions.”this tells the reader that Jeffrey Davitz life was like a play and he was controlling his life not the cancer. As well as this he created a metaphor of an army “when Jeffrey Davitz started to retreat, which created a military imagery making the readers feel the difficulty of his situation.”My MRIs reflected this.

The tumor stopped it relentless advance, and there were even signs of some retreat. My most recent image, in May, surprised my doctors, who saw signs not of the expected encroachment but of a slowing and dormant process”.Metaphor of an army have been created showing that retreating from brain cancer was like a battle and suddenly happily have ended.

In conclusion It is very reasonable to make a decision to not let yourself suffer from pain and to not let your loved ones suffer longer from the thought of you leaving anytime soon. However trying to survive for your family and your loved ones is worth the pain.

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