“Jenny Colgan: Office Romance” – Analysis of Newspaper Article.

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“Jenny Colgan: Office romance” – Analysis of newspaper article. This paper intends to analyze an article published on 22nd February 2003 in British broadsheet “The Independent” – quality newspaper representing serious journalism. The text itself is long and it provides a brief introduction to socio-cultural peculiarities of CHICK-LIT-erature.

It has got a format of interview but slightly modified by adding extra information where and how reporter Laura Jane MacBeth met Jenny Colgan – an author of bestselling chick-lit book “Working wonders”.The target audience is women in their twenties or thirties looking for entrainment in lightweight romance, where tumbledown heroine tries to find Mr. Perfect Jenny Colgan: Office romance Headline has got typical broadsheet features such as a full name in the title and it uses a simple sentence. It is also neutral and objective, however it is not very informative and detailed. The noun phrase “office romance” is straightforward and eye catching – typical for red-headed tabloids.That is why the sub headline is so important because it give an answer to the main wh-questions (who, what, where, when, why, how). Jenny Colgan explores the challenges of ChickLit with Laura Jane MacBeth and explains why her latest novel is an Arthurian quest set in an office in Coventry. This article is written in formal language, by using terms strongly linked with literature and culture: escapism, gusto, mythic allegory.

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The cultural references such as Arthurian romances links to the medieval story about “Knights of the round table” Also names “Auntie Beryl” Brainbridge and Salaman Rushdie are associated with literature. She must be doing something right. Since the big ChickLit backlash (points of reference: literary carping; identikit titles; Amy Jenkins’s Honeymoon), publishers have been rather more cautious in snapping up tales of young love in London. Does she view this as a tightening of belts? Rhetorical question is posted not to get an answer but create an effect.Jenny Colgan thinks that publishers are not that keen on publishing stories of professional girls looking for love in London.

Was she trying to break the ChickLit mould? A synonym of doing something differently after it has been done the same way for long time. And I also wanted to draw on a bigger canvas. A synonym of a desire for an ambitious project to prove someone’s abilities. Used metaphors imply unstated comparison between two actions, in this case between painting and writing – two ways of artistic expression. I’ve always steered away from that.

And my heroines never have to have makeovers to do well – they’re always quite scruffy and woolly. ” The usage of onomatopoeia in this sentence makes heroines sounds soft and laid back . The sentence when pronounced suggest it’s meaning. There are no pictures attached to the article which I think is a bit of a miss because it is important to give an extra visual element that will make reader willing to read this article. Words are less powerful than a picture, and a captivating picture will break readability.Without a picture, article looks dry and unimportant.

With a picture, the article will suddenly gain notoriety and visibility. Concluding, the text contain features that make it recognisable as an example of written article. It is written in formal language and the narration is factual, based on authority opinion of famous author Jenny Colgan.

The written language is enriched by lexical features such as metaphors, onomatopoeia, action verbs and rhetorical question. Cultural references make the article more interesting for the reader.

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