In the novel Jeremiah is the representation of Christ and everything in the world. He is very religious and humble who has the power to perform miracles. Many of the characters such as Israel Finch and Tommy Basca seem, at first, to represent evil.

Jape is the representation of the Anti- Christ and Jeremiah’s opposite. Between the two of them they are the balance of right and wrong. As Davy is the representation of Lucifer, the fallen angel. Ruben is the representation of mankind, he flips back and forth between choosing good and evil, Jeremiah and Davy.As Jeremiah has the fight with God he is still trying to save Davy, while he gives his life to Ruben as Jesus did for everyone. Ruben is told to try to get Davy to find God again no matter what. The struggle between Jeremiah and Davy for Reuben’s allegiance, and Reuben’s struggle to decide between the two.

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Reuben’s reaction to the murders at first he feels Davy did the right thing protecting his family. Later after finding out that Davy had more to do with the murders then Reuben first knew about, he thinks it is wrong.When Davy leaves Reuben feels as though Davy had done the right thing, again, but after talking to his father he sees that it was wrong. Davy is very young and when he talks to Swede about it he agrees with her, even though she is younger she seems to be more wise. Reuben trusts her, and feels that Davy has done the right thing by killing Israel and Tommy. Reuben’s admiration of both Jeremiah and Davy, Reuben looks up to Davy more then just an older brother. Reuben says that Davy is more like Jeremiah’s brother then his own.He sees Davy as a man already even though he is only sixteen.

It is very difficult for Reuben to pick only one out of them to look up to more. Reuben’s loyalty switches back and forth, between them. At times he looks up to Davy, and feels he can do no wrong, and other times he looks up to Jeremiah, and sees how great a man his father is. Reuben’s reaction to Jeremiah’s miracles are that he feels he has a special connection to his father because he can see them. He looks has his father as a hero because he saved his life when he was born.Reuben seems to be the only one that notices Jeremiah’s miracles, because he pays such close attention to him. How Reuben feels about knowing where Davy is that it is always in the back of Reuben’s mind to find out and know where he is.

While everyone is concerned with Davy’s where about, Reuben seems to be a little more obsessed. When the rest of his family is not that excited to get back on the road after the snow storm, Reuben keeps thinking in the back of his mind that he must leave because he has to go find Davy.Where and when Reuben’s allegiance starts to shift, and if/when it shifts back or to another person. When Reuben is around Davy in the beginning of the novel, he seems that he would do anything for Davy. But later after Davy runs away, Reuben grows really close to his father. Reuben keeps flip flopping back and forth between who he should remain more loyal to through the book.

As soon as he becomes very close to one of them he turns around and starts becoming more close to the other. The end of the novel and how that acts as a catalyst for Reuben’s final allegiance.Because Jeremiah gives up his life for Reuben, he wins out over Davy. The good beats the evil, as Reuben finally realizes that he is more faithful to his father then Davy. Promising Jeremiah anything, when they are in heaven. When Reuben gets back he keeps his word to watch out over Swede and Roxanna.

Even though Reuben may see Davy every once in awhile after that, Reuben has picked Jeremiah. How Jeremiah and Davy attempt to sway Reuben to their side or prevent Reuben from joining the opposing side (How Davy attempts to persuade/prevent Reuben from following Jeremiah and vise versa).At first Davy is looked up to more by Reuben, whatever he says Reuben jumps to.

When the murders take place Reuben becomes a little unsure of who’s side he should be on because Davy is not around, as much. While Davy is in jail, Jeremiah and Reuben become closer, and Reuben becomes more loyal. After every talk Reuben has with Jeremiah he sees how write he is and how wrong Davy was. Until, Reuben goes to see Davy and testify, then it seems Reuben has gone back to Davy.

Until Davy runs away, then Reuben becomes close again with Jeremiah. Even as they search for Davy and Reuben is constantly thinking about finding Davy, and that it is much of all he talks about with everyone he is still on Jeremiah’s side. When Reuben catches up with Davy he jumps back on his side. When Jeremiah and Reuben are shot and Reuben dies; Jeremiah is in heaven with Reuben.

Jeremiah gives up his life for Reuben, ultimately winning Reuben over to his side, by giving himself up as a sacrifice.

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