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Last updated: May 27, 2019

 Jerry Seinfeld isone of the most successful comedians. He is considered as one of the”top 100 best comedians of all time” by channel “ComedyCentral”. He is also a co-author of the idea and script “Seinfeld”,a multi-part comedy series, which received many awards. According to Forbesmagazine, the income level of Seinfeld reached a maximum in 1998 and was equalto $ 267 million. 10 years later in 2008, Seinfeld earned a profit of aroundsum of $ 85 million. However, most of allin the career of Seinfeld, are not impressions, not earnings or successmoments, but an unusual systematic and consistent in everything.

Jerry Seinfeldconstantly applies the methods that most of us would like to bring to our dailywork. What strategy does Jerry Seinfeld followin the fight against the desire to postpone for later and how does he manage todo a good job? What does he do for this every day, what other people donot want to do? There is no exactinformation about all his strategies, but recently in a magazine article onesecret was revealed, through which Seinfeld managed to be incrediblyproductive, show excellent results and act systematically. What does he dofor this and how can you apply the “Strategy of Seinfeld’s” in orderto overcome procrastination and really achieve your goals.  “Thestrategy of Seinfeld”Brad Isaac was ayoung comedian who began his career in the comic genre. One night he wasat the club where Jerry Seinfeld performed.

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 In his interview, Isaac toldwhat happened when he came up after speaking to Seinfeld and asked for adviceto a budding comedian. Here is how Isaac describes it: “He said thatin order to become the best humorist, you need to invent the best jokes, and inorder to come up with the best jokes, you need to write every day.  He told me to take a large wall calendaron which the whole year is placed on one page, and then hang it on a prominentplace on the wall. Next, you need to take a large red marker. He saidthat you need to mark with a red marker only those days when the task was doneto write texts. In a few days you will have a certainchain. Continue to celebrate the days, and the chain of accomplishmentswill grow.

 The main thing is not to break it and regularly write textsevery day. ” As you can see, Seinfelddid not say a word about the results. It does not matter whether he hasmotivation or not. It does not matter whether he writes good jokes ornot. It does not matter if it’s what it works on, whether it’s in the showor not. The main thing that matters is “do not break thechain”.

 And this is one of the simple secrets of the extraordinaryproductivity and concentration in the work of Seinfeld. How to stop procrastinating?Leaders in their field – athletes,musicians, leaders, artists – they are all more consistent in their work thantheir competitors. They work productively and stand out among others,while all the others get stuck in the routine of everyday affairs and cannotwin in the constant struggle between motivation and the desire to puteverything back for later. While most people lose motivation and”go off the track” after an unsuccessful game, a bad workout, or justan unsuccessful working day, the leaders will engage in the usual business theday after the failure. The strategy of Seinfeldworks precisely because it helps to divert attention from each individualaction and focus on the process as a whole. It’s not about how you feelthat you were inspired or how you worked perfectly on some day.

 The mostimportant thing is not to break the chain. The most important thing thatyou need to do if you want to follow this strategy is hang the calendar in aprominent place and start building your chain.  

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