“Jews today have a right to live in the ancient land of Canaan”

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Last updated: November 16, 2020

Do you agree?Yes I do agree that the Jews have a right to live in the ancient land of Canaan, as this is the heart of the Jewish world. There is the holy spot where the temple was built. This is the land that the Jews were instructed to go to and they earned their way through their living. If they obeyed God they got their crops to grow etc. But if not then they wouldn’t. They did not hand over the land to the Romans they were thrown out, and were forced to leave.As it was not their own choice and they did not give it to the Romans it is still rightfully theirs, and their descendants.

The Jews believe that they cannot fully obey God without being in the land of Canaan. This was where all the Jews were born, where their community was, where their land was. It is the Jews responsibility to look after the land. They did not accept the land as a gift. It was part of the covenant to live in the land.

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Many think that they are not accepted and do not fit in where they are but will be accepted and will fit in back in their land. At a marriage the Bridegroom stamps on a glass, to show that part of the covenant has still not been fulfilled, which is living in the land of Canaan.Each nationality has its own land, e.g. French have France, British have Britain and so it is only fair for the Jews to have their own land, in Jerusalem. Some people may argue that they were offered Uganda but they refused, as they wanted their land. They may say that they were offered but they didn’t accept, what more do they want, but they were given this land by God and were instructed to stay there are fulfil his orders and so that is where they want to be.

There has been a general rise of nationalism. They want to rule themselves.They do not want to be called parasites as they want to govern themselves and live in their own land, not another nation’s. They are the same nation as any other therefore they deserve their own land.

Some people may say that if the obey God then it doesn’t matter where they live, but it does to them as they were ordered to and it is part of their role to fulfil the covenant. So I think that they should get their way, as they rightfully deserve the land.

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