Jim Silver was also the cook on the

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Jim Hawkins – A young fellow, child of the owner. Extremely brave and courageous. He is extremely excited and energetic when it come to treasure hunting.1)” I was no sooner sure of this than I started to feel wiped out, swoon, and unnerved. The hot blood was running over my back and chest.

The dirk, where it had stuck my shoulder to the pole, appeared to consume like a hot iron; yet it was less these genuine sufferings that bothered me … it was the awfulness I had upon my psyche of tumbling from the cross-trees into that still green water alongside the body of the coxswain.

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I clung with the two hands till my nails hurt, and I close my eyes as though to conceal the risk. Bit by bit my psyche returned once more, my heartbeats calmed down to a more characteristic time, and I was again possessing myself.” 2)”The bar silver and the arms still lie, for all that I know, where Stone covered them; and surely they should lie there for me.

Bulls and wagon ropes would not convey me back again to that damned island; and the most noticeably bad dreams that ever I have are the point at which I hear the surf blasting about its coasts, or begin upright in bed, with the sharp voice of Chief Stone as yet ringing in my ears: ‘Bits of eight! bits of eight!” Long John Silver – Long John Silver is the Main antagonist if Treasure Island. Long John Silver was also the cook on the journey to Treasure Island, later to be discovered as the secrete leader of the pirate band.Dr.

David Livesey: The adjacent authority and equity. Dr. Livesey is keen and sensible, and Jim respects however isn’t charged by him. A couple of years heretofore, he had been in the English Outfitted power which struggled (and lost) the 1745 Conflict of Fontenoy. Livesey indicates common sense and adjusted thought while on the island, and his intend to send Ben to spook the privateers reveals a significant perception of human nature. He is unprejudiced, liberally consenting to respect the privateers with an indistinguishable measure of care from his own particular harmed men.

As his name proposes, Livesey addresses the steady, unassuming morals of general everyday presence rather than dream, dream, or endeavor.

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