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Job Fair Paper Foundation of Business 210 October 16, 2010 Job Fair Paper In starting a business in the hospitality industry the structure to best fit my company, Jazzy Bed and Breakfast would be the Market Structure. Jazzy Bed and Breakfast is offering several products for one company.

For instance, various spa packages, wedding and reception packages, catered parties along with Dinner, dancing, and wine tasting. The Market Structure is based on the different types of products and the different types of customers.Within the Market Structure you have a market division which functions to be able to specialize in the needs of a particular type of customer. The choice may affect my business in a positive manner because you don’t have one group focusing on various products, you have a group for each product, thus meeting the needs or exceed in meeting the needs of the customer, in turn keeping up with the competition. The business model’s primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations.

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Exceeding customer service would increase the number of customers.Being the business is strictly driven from customers, offering a variety of product with great customer service will not only increase our customers following for weekend getaways but also increase the use of the off season use for other services such as weddings, receptions and parties. This business model will affect my business because it’s driven off customers and keeping a customer happy, for this reason the business will grow. Each product has to be looked at individually, at the same time will affect the business as a whole.The culture that would best fit Jazzy Bed and Breakfast would be the organizational socialization. Offering training and development coursed not only at the beginning of employment but throughout the employee’s tenure.

Knowing what the expectations are of an employee for the company would benefit the employees and customers. Knowing the company expects each employee to be respectful to one another, be a team player, creative, proactive, and hardworking and along with morals and values will make for a good work environment. It will be rewarding for the employees with various incentives being offered.

This will affect the company because keeping an employee educated and informed will add growth to the company and open doors to move up for the employee. If the employee knows up front what is expected of him/her they should not be lacking in job performance. Also, this will help aid in staying ahead of the competition. You can have five businesses that offer the same product and services but customer satisfaction is what keeps the customer coming back. References This is a hanging indent.

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