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Job Interview Speech Specific Purpose: To inform the audience on how to prepare for a job interview. Central idea: There are three major steps that you should follow in preparing for a job interview. Organizational pattern: topical order Introduction I. By a show of hands is any body in the class rich? A. Maybe one person might be but for the majority of the class I know we are all normal middle class people, who anticipate getting a nice career job to support ourselves financially. B.

Well I designed my speech in order to inform you on what it takes to prepare yourself for a job interview.Whether you go interview for a job at a grocery store or for a multi-million dollar business this could help you out. C. I will show you ways to research the company you are interviewing for, how to prepare yourself physically and mentally. II. I feel I am qualified to discuss this topic because I recently attended Moraine valleys mock interview and I also attended the job career fair that they held two weeks ago, so I felt Like maybe I could talk to the class about something I personally been engaging my time into.Transition: well To start things off Body I. Research the company.

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A. Use the internet. 1.

Visit the company’s website , and study its history 2. Its nothing like going in a job interview and getting asked do you know anything about the company’s history and have nothing to say but nope, that’s not good on your behalf. B. Talk to people 1.

Talk to a former or current worker about job and the job experience. 2. Talk to career counselors and advisors, they can also give you advice about the job. Transition: Next thing about job interviewsII. you must prepare yourself physically A. Work on your verbal and nonverbal communication skills. 1.

Speak loudly and clearly and you must pronounce correctly and use no slang. 2. best way to do that is practice with your friends and family speaking professional, and you can also visit mock interviews that our school holds annually.

B. Another thing is your appearance. 1. According to John T. Molloy’s book called “Dress for Success” you should wear the following types of clothes.

Men: shirt, tie, dress slacks and black casual shoes Women: dress conservative, wear minimal make up, and wear closed toe low platform shoes. 1. These types of clothing are not recommended. A.

Men shouldn’t wear jeans, saggy baggy jeans, and sports wear or gym shoes. B. Women shouldn’t wear small shirts and skirts or 6in hills unless you are interviewing to be a stripper of something. Transition: Finally to help lesson the stress and anxiety the night before the interview III. You should prepare all material you need for the interview. A. You must prepare a resume 1.

Keep one page with all your major accomplishments and employment history on it. 2. Should include the school you’re attending or graduated from and it also should include the certificates or degrees you have. 3. You can go on Google type in resume builder and it’s a site that walks you through step by step creating a personal resume. B.

You should think about questions that you want to ask during the interview. 1. According to the 2004 November, Career Magazine issue, Interviewees must prepare to ask questions if they want to be perceived as strong, interested valuable candidates for the job. . A couples questions you can ask are: What types of challenges will you are facing on the job. And also you can ask what the atmosphere of the job like, what’s the company’s culture or spirit.

3. You can also ask what qualities I must have in order to progress in the job. Conclusion I. To conclude, in order to prepare yourself for a job interview. There are 3 things that you should do * Research the company * Prepare your self mentally * Prepare yourself physically II.

Hopefully my speech will make a difference in how you approach every job interview you have throughout your life.III. To end I want to finish off with a quote, I don’t know the origins of the quote or were it came from but it has a lot of meaning to it. The quote is “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing for failure”. This goes for more than just preparing for a job interview, you can apply this quote to anything you try to do in life. Work cited: Career Magazine.

Magazine. Nov. 2004 issue. Dress for Success: by John T. Molloy. Time Warner.

1247 Avenues of America New York, NY. Jan. 1988

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