Job vs Education

The controversy between Jobs and education has always been out there but now it seems to be more noticeable by the community. Many civilians feel that the best way to persuade a career or Job is by becoming an apprentice first, others disagreed and believe that apprenticeships reduce opportunities. Experts also came up with a very logic idea, they say that if America grows bigger in innovation, research and education that there will be more Job opportunities fulfill. No one knows for sure which the best path to take is, but I’m sure that all of us want to become successful at he end of the day. (“Innovation, Research… ) (“Apprenticeships Would… “) (“Choosing Not As you may know many Jobs require apprenticeships to enable employers to develop and apply industry standards to training programs for registered apprentices that can increase productivity and improve the quality of the workforce. This programs provide on-the-Job training, related classroom instruction, and guaranteed wage structures. The main purpose is to attract and retain more highly qualified employees and improve productivity. Some Jobs don’t even require any egree or education, as long as you go through their program and you achieve the requirements you get the Job.

Which is not a bad idea but it really would not be smart to skip education and Just Jump to a Job like that, because you never know if one day the company runs out of business or they have to move to another country, you’ll most likely be unemployed. It’s always good to have a backup plan Just in case. (“Apprenticeships”) “One in six Americans, 17 percent, is underemployed. That’s nearly 25 million people who are out of work, have given up looking, or been forced to ake a part time Job. ” Right now the economy in the U.

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S isn’t the best, therefore, we the new generation has to come up with some type of new technology or something that will create Jobs for the future. It may take a long time to recover (5 to maybe 10 years) but nothing is impossible and the best way to get things started is by innovation. “Now is the time to be investing, not saving. You don’t save your way out of a recession. You invest your way out of it. ” The second step to success would require research and development because although we innovate and create new roducts, we don’t necessarily have the people to do the Jobs.

With that being said, our last step its education, study show that we’re not graduating nearly the numbers of engineers that are coming out of universities in China, India and other countries. The benefits of those investments are often unexpected, but a ripple can grow into a wave and that’s how new industries and new Jobs are born. “(Innovation, Research… “) Yes, it’s true that not everyone benefits from college, some only need a high school diploma and theyre set for life.

Others may only need an associate degree to reach their Job requirement, a bachelor degree isn’t the best way to go for everyone but it doesn’t mean that you should Just get your high school diploma and go out looking for a Job because, its proven that the more education the more Job opportunities you have. Technology has grown so much in the past decade that now theirs entirely new jobs provide through computer software programs that don’t require any type of degrees. A computer science or another related computer diploma that proves you ave the require skills to invent and tunction new sottware. But i t’s still true that people with more education, on average, earn more money. “But 28 percent of workers without a four year degree earn more than the average worker with a bachelor’s degree. ” This doesn’t mean you can walk into a great Job straight out of high school with no skills, training, or effort. To get a good Job without a four year education you still need a solid high school education. (“Choosing Not… “) In final analyses college isn’t for everyone, however it does provide the best opportunities nd it may prepare you more in every life aspect.

Apprenticeships and Junior colleges are like the in between Four years and high school. These in-betweens could help you out or could reduce opportunities because they usually only emphasize in one main subject and don’t really provide you with backup in case something goes wrong. People that only acquire a high school diploma usually work for someone else and they’re constantly receiving orders so they don’t have the skills to start something that could provide more Jobs or something that could benefit someone’s besides hemselves. Clearly the more people we have who are prepared in those disciplines, the more inventors we’ll have, the more people will be thinking about tech commercialization and starting Jobs and starting new companies” With this being mention we need more leaders and more educated people that can provide companies and new industries. In conclusion, a bachelor’s degree is best. Works Cited “Apprenticeships Would Reduce Opportunities for Youths. ” Opposing Viewpoints: Work Scott Barbour. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1995. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center.

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