John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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Last updated: November 10, 2019

Many people now belive that the assassination of J.F.K. was a conspiracy.

Before J.F.K. was assassinated Oswald was seen eating lunch in the Book Depository. At 12:30 J.F.

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K. was shot and at 12:31 Oswald was stopped by a policeman on the second floor of the book depository. He was also seen in the canteen and he not out of breath.More precautions should have been taken to prevent President Kennedy’s death. The root that the drive in the car took was bad because he should have continued straight down the road he was travelling along, but instead he slowed down to 11 mph and went round a twisting road in front of lots of tall buildings where an assassin could be hiding.Fletcher Prouty was the person in charge of security for J.

F.K. but he was sent to the South Pole. This meant that none of the usual security precautions were taken. If he had of stayed then windows in the tall buildings would have been shut there would have been secret service agents around and there would have been a unit of soldiers. He certainly wouldn’t of let a man put up an umbrella. Mr Fletcher Prouty had said that there was a full story of J.

F.K being assassinated by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald in New Zealand which had come out too quickly. He said that snipers should have covered the routes and that the buildings should have been checked. He would never have had an open top car and let it slow down to 11mph and he wouldn’t have let the driver go around an awkward corner.A police search at the Texas School Book Depository found the gun Oswald supposedly used. It was an Italian bolt-action rifle used in the Second World War. A palm print taken from the barrel of the rifle was identified as belonging to Oswald.Marguerite Oswald, Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother voiced her belief that her son had been an intelligence agent of the U.

S. There was little evidence of this except that when he was arrested the telephone number and car licence number of James Hosty was found in his wallet. More suspicions were aroused when the F.B.I.

withheld this information. The F.B.

I. eventually admitted that Hosty was investigating Oswald and had interviewed his wife.On the morning of the shooting Oswald was seen with a long brown paper bag with what looked like a gun in it.

This bag was found later after the shooting on the 6th floor book depository.There were not enough security officers on the side of the road. The security services didn’t check the buildings.Julie Ann Mercer a witness who travelled along Elm Street before the assassination claimed she saw a man step out of a truck and go up to the Grassy Knoll and behind a wooden fence carrying what appeared to be a rifle-case.

Jean Hill a schoolteacher who was standing near the presidents car at the time of the shooting said ‘I heard four to six shots. They weren’t echoes or anything like that. They were different guns being fired’.Carolyn Arnold said she had seen Oswald on the second floor eating lunch about a quarter of an hour before the shooting.From the magic bullet theory we can learn that it is not credible because it made seven wounds in Kennedy and Connally. This is not possible because the bullet would have lost momentum after going through Kennedy. The magic bullet theory can again be proved wrong because the bullet was found in pristine condition. When tests were conducted and a bullet was fired through a wrist of a corpse the front of it was flattened and look defaced.

Kennedy was wounded in his neck, in his back and in his head. Howard Brennan’s evidence is not that credible because he had poor eyesight by claimed he saw a slender white male, approximately 30 years old, about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 165-170 pounds, this is not credible because it is all too detailed for a man with poor eyesight.The shooters might have been behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll or on the railroad overpass, or in the Dal-Tex Building. Photogrammatry has proved that Oswald couldn’t have shot J.F.K.

because the tree was in the way. I showed that it would have been possible to kill J.F.

K. from behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll.From the acoustic evidence and the Zapruder film we can learn that there were four shots. The first and second shot as 1.66 seconds, the third shot at 7.

49 seconds and the final shot was fired at 8.31 seconds. The Zapruder film shows us that Kennedy was hit in the head from the in front of him and to his side.After J.F.K.

was assassinated his body was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital. Doctors could not revive J.F.K.

because he had head wounds and had major bleeding.After the assassination of J.F.K, Oswald was stopped by a policeman on the second floor canteen of the Texas School Book Depository. He was told J.

F.K. had been assassinated and asked if he had seen anyone. The policeman carried on his search and Oswald left the building at 12:34.

At 12:40 Oswald boarded a bus seven blocks away from the Book Depository. At 12:45 Oswald got off the bus because it was stuck in a traffic jam. At 12:47 Oswald got into a taxi and went to 500 North Beckley Avenue. At 13:05 Oswald left his lodgings. At 13:50 Oswald was arrested in the Texas Theatre.J.

F.K’s autopsy was performed at Bethseda Naval Hospital this was unusual because it was a military hospital and there was little experience in performing autopsies.Officer Tippit was patrolling in his car when he stopped and got out.

He was shot and killed. One witness said she saw two men kill him. From the media coverage we can learn that something odd was going on because after a few hours papers had pictures of Oswald and his life story claiming he was the assassin.

Reconstructions of the killing were carried out. These were not successful at reconstructing the guns firing capabilities because no riflemen could fire the gun and aim at a target within the time required. They also had an advantage because they were only 30 feet above the ground where’ as Oswald was said to have shot from the 6th floor was 60 feet above the ground.

Oswald was killed on live T.V. by Jack Ruby a nightclub owner. He claimed he murdered Oswald out of grief and so Mrs Kennedy wouldn’t have to go through the trial. Oswald’s arrest was suspicious because the police knew who he was too quickly and then knew he was at the cinema.ConclusionI think that the security services were responsible for the assassination because Fletcher Poutry who was head of security was sent away when J.F.

K. was visiting. I also think that the driver of the car had something to do with the assassination for the route he took and the fact that he slowed down to 11mph. I think that all my evidence points to the direct involvement of the security services.

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