John Montagues Poetry Quotes

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Last updated: December 17, 2019
the locket
-‘fertile source of guilt and pain ,the worst birth in the annals of brooklyn’-‘my double blunder’-‘then you gave me away’-‘as the constant rain lashes it,wound into your cocoon of pain’-‘the harsh logic of a forlorn women’-‘mysterious blesssing’-‘an old picture in it, a child in brooklyn’

the cage
-‘my father the least happy man i have known’-‘the lost years in brooklyn’-‘traditional irishman’-‘brute oblivion’-‘to march down the street ,extending his smile’-‘as though he had never left;’-‘but we did not smile in shared complicity of a dream, for when weary odyssesus returns telemachus should leave ‘

-‘the sounds of ireland , that restless whispering you never get away from’-‘a hand ceaselessly combing and stroking the landscape’

all legendary obstacles
-‘the long imaginary plain,the monsterous ruck of mountains’-‘the hissing drift of rain water’-‘i was too blind with rain ,and doubt to speak’-‘our chilled hands’-‘an old lady,who marked, a neat circle on the glass,with her glove’-‘still unable to speak’

the same gesture
-‘everything-love,violence,hatred is possible and again love’-‘such intimacy of hand and mind is achieved under its healing light’-‘re-suming our habits with our clothes:work,phone,drive through late traffic’-‘eased your snowbound, heart and flesh ‘

the wild dog rose
-‘a human merely, hurt by event’-‘you would be loath to leave your own and go among strangers’-‘the only true madness is loneliness’-‘a story so terrible , that i try to push it away,my bones melting’-‘the tasteless trunk of a seventy year old virgin’-‘the wild dog rose, is the only rose without thorns’-‘weak flower’

like dolmens around my childhood,the old people
-‘like dolmens around my childhood,the old people’-‘fanged chronicler of a whole countryside’-‘all were blind,with blind pension and wireless,dead eyes serpent -flickered as one entered’-‘i felt their shadows pass’-‘into the dark permanence of ancient forms’

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