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FedericoU.S. Government11/15/17Equality Between Men and WomenIntroWe live in a world today that both male and females work together.

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In the past, there were movements involving the equality for women. They work to have equal rights, but with all the fighting they had, did they succeed? In today’s world, there is inequality between men and women in everyday life.Reason 1: Women were made to play a small role in society and would only follow what they needed to believe in. Women would make a difference in the world and fight for equal rights.Reason 2: Males followed the belief of being superior, than their female counterparts and have the idea of chauvinism.Reason 3: We see the world for what it is today between both gender equality to see if it either made a difference or never changed.Conclusion: As women have most of the rights that men have today, we have to look back to how much they achieved.II.

Women’s Rights and Feminism    Women were used to the idea to only serve their male counterpart. If we look into a religious aspect, they are seen inferior to the male. In the 20th century, they would fight in order to have equal rights. Women were forced to believe that they must follow what their husband tells them and follow the typical housewife stereotype.Women’s SuffrageWomen would fight for equal rights in the early 1900s.

They would ratify the 19th Amendment to give women the right to vote and them wanting to have equal rights to men. They would fight for these rights, as the “campaign for women’s suffrage in the decades before the Civil War. During the 1820s and 30s, most states had extended the franchise to all white men, regardless of how much money or property they had” (History). They had to argue with the government about the rights of women after the “Civil War.” They would only ratify the amendment to race, color, or other forms of servitude, while they ignored the genders. This would spark the women’s movement to fight back. They would fight for rights, until 1890 as they formed the “National American Woman Suffrage Association.

” They would later change their view, as they argued “that women deserve the same rights and responsibilities as men because women and men were “created equal,” the new generation of activists argued that women deserve the vote because they were different from men. They could make their domesticity into a political virtue, using the franchise to create a purer, more moral “maternal commonwealth” (History). They would change the idea of what they were fighting for. The idea of this would start small and gain equality over time. For them to gain something this big, they would have to start small and build from what they have. If they are able to achieve this, they would start a change the role and view of women in society. After this, they were able to achieve this and created history for the future of women.

FeminismWomen would they form the feminist group to fight for the equality of women. Feminism is the idea of which women wanting equality between both male and females. This is the result of the idea of male chauvinism in today’s society, as they show disrespect to females.

This became a worldwide movement around the world. With all the popularity it’s been getting, it became more than it was expected. The main purpose of feminism is to make a point that females are just as equal as males. The idea of this belief was founded on the idea of equality. It is shown to be “represented worldwide by various organizations and movements that seek to address social, economic, and political issues that negatively impact women and their families” (Feminism). They want to show the negativity against women and make a difference in society and change their point of view. They want to be more involved in the world and show ignorant chauvinists that women can make a difference. Feminists struggle with the equality with men today.

The fourth wave of feminism emerged around the 21st century and it is the challenge of “sexism”. Today, they want to get the attention, so they would have movements and riots to get attention. Even online, they would attack sexists and misogynists. They would “raised their voices online. Bates and Soraya Chemaly, 47, were among those who set up a campaign against misogynist pages on Facebook” (Cochrane). They do this to show how they feel and want to expose the inequality currently. This would also be shown through literature as feminists expose the type of “slavery” in society as they are forced to do what the husband tells her.

This kind of literature encourages women to fight for equal rights today, attempting to have equality. As some argue that “today’s women have many more rights and freedoms than they once did, equality has not truly been attained. For this reason, feminist literature continues to be an important part of contemporary literature” (Feminist Literature).

They want to have men understand what they went through and how they were stripped of their human rights as people.  Feminists attempt to expose the inequality in today’s society and wanting to have equality.Conclusion: Women had to fight for their rights in order to make a difference in the world and change the view of women. They would change the idea of women and make a difference in society, however, did they fully achieve their rights? III. Male Chauvinism and Their View of Women    Males believe in that they are superior to their female counterparts. Females are seen to be the “slaves to the male and must follow what he tells her to do.

Male chauvinism is the belief that male is superior to females. They treat females as inferior and follows the stereotype of women. Males are shown to be superior in this sense because they were brought up to this idea.

 Male ChauvinismMale chauvinists believed that women are seen as inferior, as they were considered to be “slaves.” They would listen to what the male tells her to do for his own benefits. Now we live in a society that both male and females work in the same environment.

Even so, they will find ways to disrespect women. They would be “often treated as inferior in workplaces, and virtual glass ceilings on career growth and income were the norm” (Kokemuller). Women were considered to be useless, because of the stereotype that they can’t do anything that men can do. This would limit them from job opportunities and salary increase. On average, females make significantly less than the average male, creating unfair wages between both genders, even if they work the same job and the woman worked more hours than the male. The male chauvinist still has the idea of seeing the women for their own self-pleasure.

This would show sexual harassment against women. With males seeing them as objects and using them for their own benefits, they would result in harassment. Some examples of this are males giving females “unwanted touches, sexual or gender-based jokes or interaction can all lead to claims of hostile work conditions.

Men in managerial roles may offer promotions or job benefits to female subordinates in exchange for sexual favors. These activities demonstrate a strong feeling of superiority and male chauvinism” (Kokemuller). Men find ways to make a woman feel displeased, resulting in them either giving in or quitting. Male Chauvinists find ways to get into the female’s mind to force them to do things the male wants them to do. This form of disrespect against females shows a form of superiority. Often they would act a certain “behavior that conveys disrespect toward a colleague or coworker based specifically on her gender suggests a feeling of superiority. Joking that a woman’s role is to cook and clean is a common way some men express their feelings.

Talking down to a woman or excluding her from business decisions and discussions also are examples of chauvinism” (Kokemuller). They made women feel like outsiders, making them inferior to their male counterparts. They have the belief of the same stereotype of females and them living as a “slave” to the male. Male chauvinists make females feel inferior in everyday life. This makes females feel unworthy of even attempting to be on the same level as males. Views of WomenWhen a male sees a woman, the first thing on their mind is sex. They see them for their own personal benefit. This is also used in Hollywood today.

They would make females Wear makeup in order to “enhance her natural features doesn’t count as lying about her appearance. Women would be wearing certain outfits and makeups to cover her own image. They would be used as sexual objects and would be compared to other women.

In movies, shows, or any form of advertisement, they make the woman hide all their flaws to make them feel accepted by men. This would also persuade men to watch their work or buy this product. As it is a smart strategy to gain money, this also harms women. This shames women to be this certain figure in order to be accepted in society. This would hurt their self-esteem and causes them to turn to plastic surgery.

They are forced to follow this image, just to get a mans approval. Females can’t even survive a day without being harassed by another man. When a woman is out with friends or at work, there will be guys finding a way to get to them. Men will be constantly staring at the women to a point that it will make her feel uncomfortable.  It is an “illegal category of chauvinistic behavior that has drawn much attention since the 1991 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination” (Kokemuller).

That’s why men need to learn how to control themselves so that they don’t make the women around them feel uncomfortable. In today’s world, girls from the U.S. are most likely to be raped. Woman aren’t safe and always have to be aware when they are outside or even in their own home. Women are seen as sex objects and they haven’t been given the rights they deserve.Conclusion: Males view women inappropriately, which is not only disrespecting their own rights but are also disrespecting their dignity. There is no equality between men and women, but it doesn’t mean that women aren’t causing harm to men.

IV. Gender Equality Today    Females have been fighting for equal rights against men. We are still in a battle of the sexes and it brings adverse effects in today’s society. Chauvinism and Feminism are a critical issue going on in today’s society as these ideas have a certain belief of what they think is correct. What they don’t know is that they both can cause harm or side effects affecting our world today.Men and PornographyMen today have idealized women as sexual objects throughout history.

This is found in women in today’s society. Women are forced to look a certain way for the man to accept them. We even see it in today’s current rappers viewing women as “objects” or the slang, “bitches.

“Women aren’t shown the respect and this idea is an influence for children to follow. Women are still seen to be inferior and this idea makes them more self-conscious. They are more sexualized and pornography encourages that.

Pornography is used to benefit people to encourage sexuality. This company depicts women in a much more negative way, as they are forced to do actions in order for money. Similar to prostitution, these are recorded and posted on the internet for everyone to view.

Not only it’s invasion of privacy, it is also disrespecting their dignity. This all began with the government as they “became more interested in pornography during the Civil War when soldiers began trading and collecting French postcards of pictures of nude and semi-nude women. The U.

S. postmaster general in 1865 received a limited right to confiscate “obscene” materials in the mail. The Comstock laws of 1873 went further by making it illegal to sell or distribute through the mail a multitude of images in literature and art, as well as information on birth control or abortion” (Parker). It was a popular idea around that time and it was then encouraged throughout centuries. Over time, what became just images, turned into movies and videos.

It is to a point where women between the ages 18 and over are in this industry. It was created by men and depict these women as sexual objects and women have to either forced into it or they choose to do it. People with this experience have been apart of documentaries or make videos regarding this problem.

They explain the everyday life that they have to go through and how they are forced to do one thing out of their own free will. Women would meet with these agents but described them as “pimps” to use them for their benefit. They attempt to get rid of this, but “anti-censorship laws generally protected people who wished to post or download sexually graphic images, using or creating child pornography was generally not protected because it depicted illegal acts between legal minors. But debate arose over computer-generated images of children engaged in sexual acts: some argued that because no actual children were involved in making the images, they should be legal; others argued that the difficulty in distinguishing between “real” and computer-generated images made this course of action dangerous. Continuing advances in computer and communication technology are likely to prompt further debates over the definition and distribution of pornography” (Parker).

This describes how the porn industry would use younger people in order to gain profit. Porn is an adverse effect that was created to please the male. It depicts women as sexual objects, making them be seen as inferior. As men still don’t show any respect to women, females had changed their way for the worse.Feminism and Their Role in SocietyWomen have been fighting for equality and still are fighting to this day. Feminists believe that they fight for equality, however now they have a different idea. Women in the past had unfair treatment and still have it today. They are discriminated and mocked because of the belief in superiority.

With “Third Wave Feminism,” they believe that they should live their life as a person and they should be respected as people. They even watch porn, as long as there’s consent. The issue with this wave is the way how they want to treat themselves. Throughout the history of feminism, women fought to be treated as a person and respected. What they do now is them accepting to be called derogatory terms.

This would be hypocritical because they don’t want people calling them that, but they encourage it for their movement. They are basically playing with the minds of others and creating confusion. They as well demonstrate a strong hatred to men, as if they are “evil.” What men did in the past is reasonable, however, they shouldn’t be discriminating them. They would find anything to blame the male.

The same thing that men did to women, is what women are doing to men. They want us to give them equality, but they don’t want to treat us like people. They are a few women who would talk about them in the group instead of the everyone apart of it in general. What they don’t see is that they are being selfish, which creates more hate.

Thus, this creates more separation in the world today as they marginalize themselves from men. Feminists want to be heard but refused to listen to the diversity of women’s ideas. Feminists forget the idea of free will given to everyone. They want every female to follow their belief, but they don’t to hear the difference in opinions. Females outside of the feminist movement also show disrespect to themselves. Men had sexualized women throughout history, but women encourage it as well.

With the porn industry and Hollywood sexualizing women, they would follow the same pattern. Women would dress to impress often and follow all the things they see in the industry. They are influenced by the idea of this belief that it creates copies of what you see. There are more women who do this, than women who respect their values. Why should we respect women if they don’t respect themselves?Conclusion: As both genders had created adverse effects in today’s society, we understand that no one is perfect.

Both genders had played a good and bad role in society and it is up to us to change their viewpoints.V. ConclusionThesis: In today’s world, there is inequality between men and women. Women had the struggle to deal with the disrespect from men.

They would create the feminist movement and fight for equality. Men haven’t shown respect to women, as they see them inferior and useless. They believe that their main purpose is to reproduce and serve the man. Men and women still don’t have equality today as they both don’t respect each other as people. They’ve become more selfish and ignorant, than what they were before. Men still show a form of discrimination not only at work but outside as well.

There always trying to find ways to harass women and they still see them as objects. Women did have to struggle, however, they became more selfish than before. Women now feel that they should be given everything as if they feel obligated. They also want to treat themselves as “slaves,” which encourages people to disrespect them.

If we want gender equality, it has to come from both sides. Men should stop depicting women as sexual objects and give them the proper respect. Women should respect themselves as people and not be hypocrites. The world would be peaceful if we respected each other as people, but these are reasons why there isn’t gender equality.

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