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    Jordan Tucker   Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision MakingTable of Contents Executive SummaryCompany Description ObjectivesSchedule of EventsSpecial EventsAdvertisingSeating DisplayPublicityResponsibility SheetFranchise Value VII.Statement of Benefits to Organization Executive Summary Situation: The Dallas Cowboys Football Club entered the NFL as an expansion team in 1960. The teams was first owner was Clint Murchison, Jr. who purchased the team for $600,000. Even before purchasing the team, Murchison had chosen his coaching staff, hiring Tex Schramm who was a public relations employee who served as the Cowboys’ general manager and he also hired legendary head coach Tom Landry.

Schramm and Landry would lead the team for the next 30 years. The Cowboys’ first years as a franchise were difficult because they had no permanent stadium or training facility and also they finished the 1960 season winless. Although Dallas recorded its first victory in the 1961, it would not boast a winning season until 1966. Despite its early on-field struggles, the team gained a great deal of exposure and a loyal fan base.

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With his marketing, Schramm recognized the business aspects of the Dallas Cowboys a team success both on and off the field. Schramm had worked hard for the Cowboys to be included in the league’s eastern division because the New York Giants were the face of that division who had played in the single largest television market in the country.  Target Marketing:Demographics Males: Ages 25-55 with families (usually have sons)Females: Ages 25-45 with families (usually with husbands that have an interest)Psychographics Sports FansEnjoy live entertainment Active social media usersMain Objectives:Increase television ratings by 30%Increase fan base internationallyIncrease merchandise sales 20% Company Description The Dallas Cowboys Football Club, Ltd. is the most profitable professional sports operation in the United States. Since entering the National Football League (NFL) as an expansion team in 1960, the franchise has appeared in one of the most Super Bowls than any other team and is one of only two teams to have won five of them. Under the present owner Jerry Jones, the Cowboys have excelled on and off the field.

Jones has run the team as a business, boosting revenue and profits through marketing deals, as well as the sales of stadium suites and tickets. With Jones’s independent and unusual ways have led him into disputes with the NFL’s power structure, they have benefitted himself and his team financially.SWOT Table Strengths1. Wealthiest team in the NFL, recording an annual revenue of over $270 million2.

Excellent marketing and merchandising in the United States3. Owns the record for one of the most Super Bowl appearances (5)4. Cowboys stadium is one of the largest domed stadium in the world, and has the facilities of the highest quality5.

Strong fan-following and good business from merchandise saleWeaknesses1.Very few fans outside the United States 2.Low popularity of NFL in emerging economies like India and China affects the franchise3. Unfortunately no Super Bowl championships for a long time shows that the franchise is not living up to its reputation in the recent pastOpportunities1.Trying to grow global fan bases in countries like India and China, and developing a loyal fan base outside the United States 2.

Attract and retain the top talent in the NFL which will help them to win the Super Bowl again in the future3.Keep the rivalry with the New York Giants, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles to attract more fansThreats1.Other top franchises buying better and younger players2.Threat from its major rivals like Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles3.

Stealing younger fans or people undecided of a favorite NFL team (eGaming)  Objective:Main Objective:Increase television ratings by 30%Increase fan base internationallyIncrease merchandise sales 20%Promotions and Entertainment76,000 rally towels will be passed out to fans courtesy of Nationwide (gets fans more involved in the game with cheer and excitement).Many famous artists of all genres will perform the national anthem on game days.Halftime entertainment will be performances by different high school marching bands.Many different giveaways will be given out at the West Plaza Stage for 2 hours during the pregame and postgame.Schedule of EventsSpecial Events:  AT Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys, will host many different special events for everyone. Practice with the players once a month during the season (entry $50) Meet the players night where anyone can buy a ticket to meet the players in the stadium (money will go to different charity funds)Concerts with famous artists from all genres Kids’ Birthday PartiesAdvertising: The advertising team for the Dallas Cowboys will establish their online presence using social media.

Social media plays a big role in the teams success before and after the season. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter contributed to the success of the Dallas Cowboys online advertising. The popular use of the hashtag #finishthefight inspired by former Cowboy Michael Irvin during the playoffs got a lot of online attention when using social media. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones secured agreements with big brands like Nike, Pepsi and American Express to use on advertisements on billboards, television, and on social media to get fans attention.Seating Display:AT&T Stadium Club SeatingThere are three different tiers of club seating at AT&T Stadium, in the 100, 200 and 300 levels. All club levels will provide access to private entrances, premium club lounges, upscale food and beverage options.The 100 level club seats are located along the sidelines. These are the premium seats in the stadium, offering the best view of the game, and include exclusive access to the Lower Level Club Concourse, where you can watch the players take the field.

The 200 level club seats are located along the sidelines. Unlike the 100 level  seats, these provide perfect views of not only the field, but also that massive video screen above the field. The 300 level club seats are located along the sidelines. These are the farthest club seats from the field, but like the other seats they provide a great view of the massive video screen.

D.  Publicity: Attract young kids with video games and toys with the Cowboys logo on itAdvertisements Introduce the Youth Flag Football League for boys and girls 4-14 years of age. Participants should anticipate a challenging program that focuses on fundamentals, good sportsmanship and fun.The Youth Flag Football League is a recreational program designed for young kids new to football as well as those not quite ready for the level of tackle football.

 The benefit of the Youth Flag Football League is that it allows young Cowboys to play football. This will attract the next generations of fans ensuring for fan loyalty and potentially spark interests for young fans.Responsibility SheetCOACHES AND EXECUTIVESJason GarrettHead CoachJason Garrett was named the eighth head coach in Dallas Cowboys history on January 5, 2011. Coach Garrett is the first head coach to have been a player of the same team before.  He served as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys from 1992-1999.

 Jerry JonesOwner / President / General ManagerJerry Jones is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys since 1989. He has made the Dallas Cowboys franchise into a business with the increase in revenue and merchandise and his successful business approaches. Jerry Jones is a well-known owner in the NFL for his contribution to his team and the NFL.

Stephen JonesChief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President / Director of Player PersonnelWith 26 years of NFL experience, Stephen Jones has established himself as one of the brightest and most versatile executives in professional sports. Following his father’s footsteps, he has made a huge contribution to the Dallas Cowboys.Jerry Jones, Jr.Executive Vice President / Chief Sales & Marketing OfficerJerry Jones, Jr. is a key member of the Dallas Cowboys front office as the club’s entire sales and marketing efforts.

Jones was instrumental in the design and planning of AT&T Stadium, viewed as one of the world’s truly unique sports and entertainment venues as well as the team’s new training complex set to open in Frisco, Texas in 2016.Charlotte Jones AndersonExecutive Vice President / Chief Brand OfficerCharlotte Jones Anderson is the Dallas Cowboys Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer. She creates all strategies and applications surrounding the team’s brand as it is presented to fans world-wide. Franchise Value The Cowboys are the world’s most valuable sports franchise, according to Forbes’ estimates, based largely on 2014’s revenue of $620 million a record for a U.

S. sports team and on having the highest average NFL attendance, premium seating revenue ($120 million) and stadium revenue generated from non-NFL events ($30 million). The Cowboys owe much of their skyrocketing value to their $1.2 billion home in Arlington. The capacity of AT&T Stadium is 80,000 (expandable to 100,000). The Dallas Cowboys are worth more than any other team in the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys franchise holds the top value of any franchise team in the world. The Cowboys have overtaken the number 1 spot from Real Madrid, which is worth $3.26 billion according to Forbes. Forbes valued Dallas at $4 billion.

  VII.Statement of Benefits to Organization  The franchise has achieved the gold standard in sports business: making money and remaining relevant regardless of their performance on the field. The main objectives for the Dallas Cowboys were increase television ratings by 30%, increase fan base internationally, and increase merchandise sales 20%. The Dallas Cowboys can strive to achieve a positive establishment of their business and team. Through offering special events such as concerts during the game, it can expand the Cowboy fanbase internationally and directly benefit the fans. 

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