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Last updated: February 18, 2019

Jordan Corona Connecting Concepts #2Grinnell says that the way science is being taught is strictly facts. Students do not look at science as a “high adventure” as he puts it. They are not of interest as they were in previous generations.

It seems that the writers of these textbooks put the things that they know rather than questioning and trying to get a better understanding of subjects. I remember for my previous investigations was dissecting a fish. It was an experience that I will never forget. My teacher gave us a diagram on how to properly dissect the fish and look out for certain things. Leaving us to do the dissection on our own was scientific in its own aspect. This made us question what organs did we see and what was their purpose. Had we just read them in the textbook I doubt I was still able to recall the information. After lab 1, it was a combination of all three components.

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The reason I say that is because what we found out after the investigation of the bones was that the animal could definitely fly. How we know this is from the long bones that came out of the dig similar to one of a bat. We believed this because looking at all the animals in the diagram none of the flightless animals had any type of similar bone structure to long bones we thought we for flying expect the bat which can fly.

 Political Science is my major. It is very similar to science not just because it has science in its name, but goes through a similar process when conducting research. It all stems from a hypothesis  The characteristics of the bones the group found in the investigation look to be an animal of flight.

Meaning the large yet narrow bone structure looks strong enough to sustain a large amount of force, and skinny enough to not hinder flight. We thought that the animal was big due to the sheer size of the bones and looking at the other digs and seeing a similar head pop up. 

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