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JOURNAL #1 Analysis of Theme and Rating. The Attraction of EvilMany people reading A Clockwork Orange are be disturbed by Alex’s actions and his seemingly un attraction to violence. Although, there is a strange fascination with acts of violence and distruction. Anthony Burgess the Author of A Clockwork Orange explained it in this quote,”Unfortunately there is so much original sin us all that we find evil rather attractive. To devastate is easier and more spectacular than to create.

We like to have the pants scared off us by visions of cosmic destruction.” A Clockwork Orange shows that the natural attraction to evil as just being human. Alex commits these acts only to sate his urges. In Alex’s mind, violence is an art form. While Alex’s acts of violence should not be forgiven, the point is that violence and cruelty are a natural part of humanity just as the good is.

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The world will never be free of violence ,as long as free will exists. I would rate this book a 8 out of 10. Because of its themes which are relevant and Anthony Burgess’s way of creating characters and make them seemingly real in their actions and voices. It is quite disturbing at times with Alex’s strange slang and the graphic depictions of violence and rape. Although this book has been banned in many states libraries.

I believe that this book is important reading material because of the way it makes you think about free will, violence, suffering, and cruelty. As well as show us an exaggerated glimpse into our future if we aren’t careful JOURNAL #3In literary works, cruelty often functions as a crucial motivation or a major social or political factor.  Analyze how cruelty functions as a whole and what the cruelty reveals about the perpetrator and/or victim.v In A Clockwork Orange, author Anthony Burgess describes a dystopian world in which: violent youth gangs wander the streets, a ruthless and all-powerful government uses violence and torture to their advantage, and citizens are subjected to acts of violence and cruelty. The use of cruelty as a social and political tool is illustrated by Burgess’s ability to describe a world revolving seemingly around violence and extortion. By creating the narrative format where this appears to be a normality in this society the government in A Clockwork Orange creates no public outcry over the state of their prisons or the corruption of their police force. As people have begun to accept this as the norm.

Cruelty is used as a motivator in the sense that citizens of dystopian england are kept under control through use of cruelty. Whether it be by the gangs that terrorize them or the government keeping “peace”. The victim of much of the cruelty portrayed in A Clockwork Orange, is the protagonist Alex. Alex is a delinquent and an ultraviolent member of his own gang. Or as he call his fellow members, “droogs”. Alex’s exposure to the government’s cruelty comes about when one of his gang’s “adventures” goes awry. Ending with Alex’s capture by the police. While Alex is a victim of cruelty.

He also dispenses it with impunity to the citizens of his town. While Alex may be the protagonist he is not particularly “protagonist like”, his attraction to violence including rape excludes Alex from the sympathy of many a reader. His aversion to the good, or peaceful creates a sense of Alex’s freedom. And the weight that his free will holds for him. The government’s treatment of Alex uses cruelty to corrupt his mind.

And although the purpose may seem just, without free will Alex is merely a tool of the government created through the cruelty he was put through.

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