Juno ” All babies want to be borned

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Last updated: April 19, 2019

Juno is a teenage love story starring Ellen Page as Juno MacGuff and Michael Cera as Paulie Bleeker.

The story begins in autumn when Juno discovers that she’s pregnant and Paulie is of course the father. Juno decides to tell Paulie about the child, Paulie is obviously shocked by the huge news and asks Juno what she wants to do about the baby. Without hesitation Juno tells him she wants to have an abortion and Paulie agrees with her. Juno schedules an appointment at the Women Now clinic and as she approaches the building she meets a girl from her school. The girl is holding up an anti abortion poster and she screams ” All babies want to be borned ” repeatedly. Juno walks up to her, greets her and starts a small talk with her acquaintance.

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After a short and incredibly awkward conversation Juno starts walking towards the clinic again and the girl yells something along the lines of ”You know your baby has a heart and it can feel pain ?” Then she also tells Juno something else she tells her that her baby has fingernails. Yet Juno still decides to walk into the clinic, as soon as she sits down to fill in her papers her heart starts pounding and weirdly she becomes very aware of everyone’s fingernails. The feeling of guilt is eating her from the inside she can’t take it anymore and runs out of the clinic. She stops by her friends Leah’s (Olivia Thirbly) house, and informs her about her decision of giving up the baby for adoption.

Leah helps her look for the adoptive parents in ”Pennysaver.” Naturally it’s a hard choice to make but eventually Juno finds the perfect couple Vanessa and Mark Loring (Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman). Juno and her father meet the Lorings to discuss the adoption and quite frankly Juno seems astonished by them. Everything about the Lorings is perfect their big house, their expensive furniture, Mark’s passion for music and their love for each other. Well at least Juno thought so, when Juno was already far in her pregnancy Mark confessed to her that he wants to leave Vanessa. Juno exploded with rage she tried to convince Mark to stay with Vanessa and look after their baby but sadly Mark’s mind is already set. When Juno rushes down the stairs with tears in her eyes Vanessa gets home and sees her crying. She asks Juno what’s wrong and quickly after that Mark tells her that he just isn’t ready.

Juno leaves their house and drives away she cries hysterically to the point when she needs to stop the car. After long few hours Juno writes a note to Vanessa and  drives back to the Lorings house, she leaves the note at their doorstep and runs away after she rings their doorbell. The note said ”Vanessa if you’re still in, I’m still in”. After a conversation Vanessa and Mark decide to get divorced.It’s now spring and Juno is due very soon, she hasn’t spoken with Paulie since they had a fight because he went to prom with a girl who’s house apparently smells like soup.

The reason why dosen’t talk with him is because she’s mad at him but also because she’s incredibly in love with him. One day Juno decides to break the silence, she walks up to him when he’s at his running practice and confesses her love for him. Then they kiss and after that they happily call themselves a couple. Juno gives birth to a beautiful boy, she doesn’t tell Paulie when she goes into Labor because the day that she gives birth Paulie has an important running marathon. Paulie figures out anyway and visits her at the hospital. Juno is exhausted and broken because she has to give up her little boy.

She knows she isn’t ready to be a mom but that doesn’t stop her from crying. Paulie lays down by her side and cuddles her, he tries to give her as much comfort as he can. After all they decided that it’s best for them not to see the baby.Juno gets better with time, her and Paulie are in a happy relationship and Vanessa is a happy single mother.

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