“Just had a mindset that giving up would

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Last updated: August 27, 2019

“Just give up!” I would tell myself, ” This is not meant for you, you are just wasting your time!” This sentence repeats in my head whenever tough obstacles interferes in my life. Growing up, I had a mindset that giving up would be the easy way out of everything. So long as obstacles came my way, I would choose to give up immediately rather then giving it a second attempt. I just couldn’t see why we would have to spend precious time and effort into doing something that was bound to fail.

I simply tried to find the easy way out in life.  During my badminton training in primary six, the intensity of my training increased immensely as we were going to be promoted from junior girls to senior girls category. Unless you had a medical certificate, my coach would not accept any reasons to be excused from physical training.

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I was very disheartened and scared when the coach first set his ground rules because usually, I would just dig up an excuse to skip any intensive physical training as it is really remarkably tough. I would always leave my school breathless and worned out after trainings, and I was always on the edge of quitting badminton. Luckily,  my teammates motivated and encouraged me to persevere during trainings and the fact that everyone was improving at the same time was an additional motivation to train hard. It was a blessing to have friends like them who were always there for me to cheer me on. That year was the year that I started to push myself to my limits,  and eventually achieving second in a national competition.

At that moment of pride, the amount of pain and sweat sacrificed while persevering through tireless trainings suddenly felt all worth it. My achievements since then would not have been obtained if i did not persevere during all badminton trainings and matches. Although the process of persevering is hard, I believe that that is the quality which differentiates the strongs from the weaks.During tough trainings, I will constantly tell myself,  “you can do it”. During examination periods, I will tell myself “all the best”. In times of failure, i will remind myself, “do not give up”.

 I would never forget my breakthrough in badminton and how that most tiring and hard part of my life was what brought me to where I am today. No doubt, persevering requires a lot of mental and physical strength, however, it can pull us through all the hard times. I believe that persevering is the light to inevitable success.


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