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War can do many things to people and there families. Can you imagine if you had been paying on a piece of land, or more modern day, say a house? Then you are called off to go to war and could pay the last payment and loose what you have been dream about since you can remember. Then to top it all off you are a Japanese man who is living during World War II. Think about how much people would help out in this situation, not many if any at all. This was the story of Kabuo Miyamoto.This was a story of pain and suffering from many people and different families.

It didn’t matter if the were japs or white people there was a bit of chaos in everyone’s life. Before I can explain how big of part that war played on in the book I need to first till you how it started and were it ended.The story started years before the war broke out when Carl Heine and Kabuo Miyamoto were buddies, Carl was white and Kabuo was Japanese. They were just kids then but when they were to grow up they would be nothing but enemies. The Heine family had land that they used for growing strawberries on. This was how the Heine’s family made their money.Kabuo’s family was trying to buy seven akers of that land.

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The Miyamoto’s were paying Carl and his family in payments that were illegal because it was illegal for Japanese to own land. When the Japaness family had just a few payments left and both Kabou and Carl’s fathers were dead, the war broke out. The Miyamoto’s stopped paying and Carl’s wife could no longer run the farm with out him.So she sold the land to Ole Overson. Who later had a stroke and was not able to work that large amount of land that he had, so he put it up for sale. When Carl Heine Jr.

heard that the very same land that he grew up on was for sale he went down and bought it all up from Ole.The next day Kabou goes down to talk about getting his land back and ends up finding out that he can no longer have the land and there was nothing that he could do about it.Then the story later on goes to show Carl Jr. working on his fishing boat early in the morning, with the last person that he talks to is Kabou. Then is found dead in his fishing net early that morning.

Now the story has to main issues who killed Carl Jr. and was Kabuo going to be able to get his land back. These two things tied together and they both have to do with what was going on with the war.

Think if there had not been any war then kabou would of never left, and been able to finish the payments. Now that he wasn’t able to finish the payments kabou would now of had a motive to kill Carl Jr. because Carl has his land.

So war did play a big part on the issues in the story and if kabuo did kill Carl, well then war was the causing factor of both events.I could compare this same question to the Movie Bridge on the River Kwai. It would be similar but different. They are the same because with out the war, events in the stories may not of taken place. Like if there was no War in The movie Bridge on the River Kwai, there would be no British soldiers that were prisoners of war that were forced to build the Bridge over the River Kwai.

But the main issue in this story is war.There is a few out laying issues like the British making a better bridge than the Japanese could even dream of building. This was something that they could do to keep themselves busy and in shape. It also wasn’t just about that but also it was a pride thing for the British and this event had everything to do with the war. War is about pride for one country.

Who goes to war and how are they effected? The one person that goes to war in this book was Kabuo and he was a Japanese man fighting for America against the Japanese. Even though Kabou was fighting for America he was still a victim of racism because he was the wrong color at the wrong time. So even if Kabou wanted to take the Carl to court because he may think that he got cheated out of his land. All Japaness were treated poorly though. After the Pearl Harbor attack all Japanese were either not aloud to own firearms or worse off the were put into a concentration camp were they were kept for months.The way that the jape ness were treated reminds me of the same way that the japeness treated the British in the movie, Bridge over the River Kwai.

Only they were in our own country. The japs may have treated the British worse of than we did to our japs. In the movie they starved the general and put him under ground in solitary confinement for a month or so. Then proud as could be came out skin and bones and built the best bridge that the Japanese had ever seen.Just like things changed in the US during the war like concentration camps for japs. Life on San Piedro Island Also changed people looked at the Orientals differently like they were spies or always up to something. And when something wrong happens and there is Japanese person around they will most definitely be the scapegoat if there is no other clear explanation, and that is what happened on San Peidro Island.

Everyone looked down upon the japs. And they had no support not even by the government.You could compare the question to the movie Billy Elliot how much support did Billy get on chasing his dream and you would get just the opposite answer as the book Billy got all of the support that he needed to give him the courage to be a ballet dancer unlike the japs who just got spited on by there own country.

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