Kaitlin Jorgenson 2someday, live in England and rule

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Last updated: September 22, 2019

Kaitlin is a vibrant high school student with everything going for her. She is dating the quarterback of the football team and is head of the cheerleading team. She also has 4.0 grade point average, is also on the debate team along with being homecoming queen and her quarterback boyfriend is the king.

She was born January 1st, 2000. She was the first baby born of the new millennium. We racked in a lot.  She was given a scholarship to any school in the world. That is why she have chosen the Deeds not the words school in the United Kingdom. It have been her dream a mind to visit the state where the world champion figure skater lives, Oksana Baiul.  Her hair is an eggplant purple and her mom’s hair is pastel purple. She loves spending Saturday afternoon’s playing and styling each other’s hair.

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 Her father Jason is the C.E.O of a company he started from the ground up. I’m not exactly sure what my dad does, all I do know is we are rolling in the money. She will never have to work if i don’t want to. I don’t want to work and that why after graduating from Unicorn High school. I will be attending Deeds in the United kingdom.

She wants to meet Prince Jorgenson 2someday, live in England and rule over some kingdom. My father is a king, but he had a choice not to do his kingly duties and moved here to the states to go to Harvard University. This is where he met my mother Jackie. She was a sophomore and he was junior in high school.  They met at a college football game and it was love at first sight. She is the oldest of a younger brother and two twin sisters. They all get along perfectly. They never fight or squabble about anything.

Her parents Jackie and Jason are wonderful as well. They haven’t fight or argue about anything as well. Her friend’s parent’s, that’s all they do every single day. Her brother’s name is Garrin and and my sister’s names are beth and Sue.  They also have a horse that she takes out riding every afternoon.  His name is Ralph.

 She enjoyed taking Ralph out on his afternoon trots. People enjoy seeing him and Ralph I believe enjoys seeing people. They always gave him apples and a lump of sugar once in awhile. It is now almost halfway through her senior year and she can’t wait until she crosses the stage to her diploma. She is also valedictorian, so she feels like she should start working on her speech for graduation. She wants to remember everyone and everything that has happened here in her last four years of her high school year. Her life has been wonderful. She couldn’t have asked for a better life.

God has been so good to her and has blessed her with so many wonderful things. Her parents, siblings, and the opportunities she has have through the last twelve years of schooling.  This summer she is planning on trying out for the Miss Teen Pageant. She is a beautiful girl and her figure is just like Commodores Song Brick House.

36/36/36 – perfect. She has now   Jorgenson 3entered in the Miss Teen Pageant and she has won. She gets to travel around the world for the next three months and talk about her high school experiences. Miss Teen Pageant is not like Miss America or Miss Universe where you have to commit to a full year. The summer is done and she is now settled in at the Deeds of Words School in the country of United Kingdom.

She is so ready for the challenge and being a college student in part of her life. She is so hoping while she is here in the United Kingdom that she meets her future husband and he will be a king, or even a prince. In reality a wonderful life is being around family and friends just living our lives to the best of our ability. We don’t have to have a perfect life in order to have a wonderful life.

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