Katniss Everdeen Speech in Hunger Games

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Last updated: August 20, 2019

What they want is for me to truly take on the role they designed for me. The symbol of the revolution. The Mockingjay. It isn’t enough, what I’ve done in the past, defying the Capitol in the Games, providing a rallying point. I must now become the actual leader, the face, the voice, the embodiment of the revolution.

The person who the districts?”most of which are now openly at war with the capitol?”can count on to blaze the path to victory. I won’t have to do it alone.They have the whole team of eople to make me over, dress me, write my speeches, orchestrate my appearances?” as if that doesn’t sound horribly familiar?”and all I have to do is play my part. I begin to fully understand the lengths to which people have gone to protect me. What I mean to the rebels.

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My ongoing struggle against the Capitol, which has so often felt like a solitary Journey, has not been undertaken alone. I have had thousands upon thousands of people from the districts at my side.I was their Mockingjay long before I accepted the role. The bird, the pin, the song, the berries, the watch, the cracker, the dress that burst into flames.

I am the mocking]ay. The one that survived despite the Capitol’s plans. The symbol of the rebellion. My name is katniss everdeen.

I am seventeen years old. My home is district 12. There is no district 12. I am the mocking]ay. I brought down the capitol.

President Snow hates me. He killed my sister. Now I kill him, and then the hunger games will be over.

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