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Last updated: May 2, 2019
Sacramento, California
Where was the first Key Club located?

May 1925
The month and year the first Key Club was established.

Vocational guidance to high school students
Why Key Club began?

“Caring…our way of life”
The Key Club motto

“I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the objects of Key Club International, to build my home, school, and community, to serve my nation and God, and to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.”
The Key Club pledge

First full week of November
Key Club week

Blue-unwavering character, gold-service, and white-purity
Colors and symbolization of Key Club

This is the number of divisions in New Jersey

Barrier Werfel
District Administrator

New Jersey Kiwanis District Governor
The highest position Werfel held in Kiwanis

Kiwanis, Circle-K, Key Club, Builder’s Club, K-Kids, and Atkion Club
K-Family organizations.

Leadership Structure
Int’l President, Int’l Vice-President, 11 Int’l Trustees, Distritct Governor, District Secretary, District Treasurer, District Editor, 21 Lieutenant Governors, Club Presidents, Club Vice-Presidents, Club Treasurers, Club Editors, General Members

Melissa Polewczak

Namir Shah

Devan Corona

Katie Lee

Jersey Key
Official publication of the New Jersey District

Children’s Specialized Hospital
2009-2010 New Jersey District project

Live 2 Learn
Key Club Int’l’s major emphasis program focusing on education and childhood development for 5-9 year olds

Memphis Tennessee
Where Int’l convention is being held for 2010.

Kiwanis Educates Youth
What Key Club stands for

Key Boys
Where “key” in Key Club originated from before Kiwanis made “Key” an acronym, which described the prominent boys in the school community.

What is speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves?

Valley Forge Convention Center in King-of-Prussia, Pensylvania
Where 2010 District Convention is being held

“Traveling the World of Service”
The theme of 2010 District Convention

December 1
The deadline of dues

15 members
The amount of club members for a Key Club to exist.

Leadership, Inclusiveness, Caring, and Character Building
Four core values of Key Club

Mark Esposito
District Governor of Kiwanis

Karen Ann Conway
District Governor of Circle-K

Eileen Lee
International Trustee from the New Jersey District

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