Kicking of concepts and a launching pad to

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Last updated: July 11, 2019

Kickingoff my career with a decent academic score in commerce stream, the runway formy interest, i.e.

finance, was also given shape. I studied finance in myundergraduate course because I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of usingmoney. Studying these subjects has also served to further fuel my ambition anddeepen my interest in finance. With this I also pursued my career in CA(Chartered Accountancy).

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Cleared CPT with distinction and was all set for IPCCexamination, until I found out that my father was hit by a cardiac arrest. Attendingthe guests and creating a positive vibe was all that could be done at that timeand then I accompanied my father in his legal work for a month. Devoting veryless time towards my exams, thereby, not being able to make it in the IPCC, Ifailed, but rather than losing hope, I managed to transform it into a lessonand inspiration and eventually got success, realising that the difficulties& challenges come into life just to make us more strong and confident andrather than running from them we should face them.

Withthis motivation I started my articleship in New Delhi. It has provided me firmgrasp of concepts and a launching pad to embark upon a voyage of knowledge byintroducing myself with practical world. Staying away from home not onlystrengthened my decision making but has also helped me in working with aspecified budget and managing it in the most efficient manner. Acquiringcertificate of excellence in Tally added another feather to my hat. Workingtowards achieving my long term goal of becoming a CFO (Chief FinancialOfficer), a strong academic foundation with high managerial skills is verynecessary hence adding MBA to my arsenal will not only help me in beating thecompetition with faster progression in my career but will also provide me toolsI need to understand to manage the cost of a business or recognizing theventure that is worth spending on or to manage flow of the funds in business.NMIMS’sintensive focus on being industry oriented and on the practical applicability ofconcepts along with the theoretical knowledge is the thing that attracted methe most because this strong theoretical foundation with practical approachwill put me in a decent position as far as financial controlling is concerned. Witha legacy of 36 years and coming under the cloud of top 10 B-Schools of thecountry, NMIMS is situated in the finance hub of the country with strong alumninetwork, dynamic peer group and eminent faculties, it will surely provide meright knowledge and platform to achieve my goals.


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