KiuKiu kiu online, qq online or even situs poker

KiuKiu – Domino99 game is nowavailable online.

Kiu kiu is known by variousnames: QuiQui, domino qq or 99 dominoes. It’s a very famous game of SoutheastAsia especially Indonesia. This game is a kind of poker with a difference thatinstead of playing cards dominos is used for playing this game. Number of gamescan be played by Dominoes. Kiu kiu/qq is just one of them. With the technology advancementthis game can be played on line also that too with real money/currency. Numbersof sites are available on internet where individual can play kiukiu online, qq online or even situs poker online.

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Individual canplay kiu kiu online, qq online or even situs poker online via hismobile, iPhone or tablets also. This mean this game can be played anytime andfrom anywhere.Kiu Kiu is quite an interesting as well as fun game. Playing kiu kiu online is very easy.

Player justhas to register to any of the site of his choice and just start playing. Howeverplayer should keep in mind that while playing qq online with real money he/she should be very careful as far as selecting qq online gambling site is concerned. Player should carry on anextensive research to make sure he/she select a site which is safe as well assecure.Paying kiu kiu onlineenables game lovers or gamblers to play game at any time as per theirconvenience. Moreover it has made gambling easy for those who either cannotafford or don’t have time to go to casinos to fulfill the urge of gaming. With theadvancement in technology playing situspoker online gives feeling as if gamer is playing in actual casinos.

These gamingsites have amazing graphics which takes the whole experience of playing qq online to another level.    qq – Famous game of Southeast Asia.Gone are the days when games used to be restricted to theirnative state or countries.

With development in technology and easyaccessibility of internet most of the games can be played globally that toowhile sitting in their own houses. One of such game which is gaining popularitybeyond the boundaries of the country of its origin is kiu kiu. Kiu kiu, qq or domino qq are name given to the same game.

Thisgame which has its origin in South East Asian countries is becoming popular throughoutthe world. Because of the increasing popularity of the game, numbers of siteshave been launched where player can play this amazing game of qq online. Not only this, qq beingquite similar to poker played for gambling purpose also. Well to cater thisthere are various gambling sites that enable player situs poker online. This simply means player can play KiuKiu online/qq online with actual currency. Payments at these sites are quiteeasy to make. Almost all the sites accept payment via card as well as moneytransfer from the bank account.

Same is in case of with drawl. Registering to these sites is very easy. However it is alwaysadvisable to read rules and regulations of the games given in the menu optionof site carefully. It will make things quite easy for the player as player willhave clear understanding of how to play KiuKiuonline/qq online. The game of qq is played by using special cards which areknown as dominos/ bones. These are very popular in the Southeast part of Asia. Thecards instead of number have dots on them.

These dots are used for deciding thewinner of the game. At a time 2-6 players can play game of qq online. Once cards are distributed a player on basis of hiscards can hold, bet, raise or fold his cards. Playing Kiu kiu online gives immense pleasure to its players.  Basic rule for playing dominoqq online.Any player, who wants to play dominoqq online, needs to know following basic rules of the game. Asname suggest dominoqq is played by using dominoes as the playing cards. In eachdominoes set there are 28 cards.

All of these cards have certain markings onthem in form of dots. These dots represent the value of that particular card. While playing dominoqqonline every player is given 4 cards. Once dealt, player has to figure out thevalue of his cards by diving them into two pairs. These cards can have value inbetween 0-9.

This means minimum value can be zero whereas maximum can be 9. Thismeans value of cards comes out to be more than 10 then player will subtract 10from that total value and resulting answer will be the value of card. If valuecomes out to be more than 20 then player will perform similar process with adifference that this time 20 will be subtracted from real value.In beginning of game, 3 cards are distributed to all theplayers. On basis of their cards players playing dominoqq online can either bet or raise the bet.

Any player who decidesto not to follow the bet made by another player have to go for folding of hiscards and he/she will not have any entitlement over the bet money.Well when all players reached the same bet value a fourthcard is given to players. Again on the basis of this card players will decidewhether to raise the bet or fold their cards. Value of these four cardsdetermines the winner of the game.Like poker dominoqq also has some special hand or cardcombinations.

They are known as card special.·        Valueof all the four cards is 6·        Whenall the four cards have Balak·        Whenvalue of all four cards is more than 40. It is called Great Pure Card·        Whenvalue of all the cards does not increase a total of 9.

 The game of domino qq is very popular among online gamblerswho are looking to play gen poker onlineor situs poker online.     How to play situs poker online effectivelyFor all the gamblers who have even a little bit knowledgeabout internet gambling online or situspoker online or gen pokeronline have become a new craze. Various gambling sites besides providingnumber of games to play online like kiu kiuonline, give multiple offers like free gambling to attract gamblers fromall over the world. The main reason behind giving such offers is to attract newgamers and let them have the experience of playing gen poker online or situspoker online. People who have madethese sites as well as many gamblers have made lots of money because of these situs poker online sites. Poker has always been famous amonggamblers. It is played in various forms.

Kiu kiu, a game of Southeast Asia isalso a kind of poker. Following are the steps that can help gambler in playing kiu kiu online efficiently.·        Thevery first step of playing kiu kiuonline is to select a site where player can register and play the game. Playershould compare benefits, rules and regulations, security features as well asoffers provided by various gen pokeronline sites before finalizing his/her decision.

Selecting a well -establishedsite with good rating and reviews generally proves to be a safer option. ·        Onlinegambling has become very popular since past few years. As a result of thisnumber of sites are getting launched. This has further increased thecompetition among the gen poker online sites.Different sites provide different gaming options. This has proved to be beneficialfor gamers as gamers have hundreds of options to choose from. Before starting playingsitus poker online a gamershould compare these options and then only select the game.

For example a gambler can play kiu kiu online in more effective way then a normal poker game thenhe/she should gamble in kiu kiu online. Afterall gambling is all about having fun and winning money.  Kiukiu online a refreshing alternative for poker loversA gambler who is crazy about poker and wants to try somethingnew then playing kiu kiu online/qq online is a very good alternative. Kiukiu is a very famous game of Southeast Asian countries. In Indonesia playing kiu kiu online is quite famous amonggamblers. The game is quite similar to poker.

The basic idea remains the samein both the games. Playing kiu kiu online/qq online is getting popular day byday. Any gambler who loves gambling but due to his busy schedule or some otherreason couldn’t find time to go to casinos then online gambling or situs poker online is the perfectoption for them.

Gambling is considered as bad habit by many people, well truthis excess of everything is bad, but if someone gambles for having fun or justas a stress buster than there is no harm in gambling.Gambling online or situspoker online is easy as well as a convenient option. These onlinesites have enable gamblers to play games anytime and from anywhere. So, if agambler looking for an option where he can win money via playing casino gamesor other gambling games that too without going anywhere then online gambling isthe right option. Moreover like casinos these sites have no set limit thismeans a gambler can win any amount depending on his techniques as well aswillingness.  Another benefit of gamblingonline is that there is no need for player to wait for his turn. Well most ofcasinos have limited number of tables as a result sometime a gambler has towait in queue for his turn. Well online gambling is an open platform where youcan select any game at any time without any hindrance.

Online gambling besides offering regular casinos gamesprovide option for playing games such as kiukiu online/ qq online.   QQ a domino poker game of Indonesia.Qq, Kiu Kiu or 99 domino poker these are the name used forthe same game. The game is played using special cards known ad Dominoes. These arequite small cards which need to be changed immediately once they startedgetting damaged. Before starting playing qqonline or kiu kiu online playershave to deposit a fixed decided amount in the pot. This amount is known asante. Once the ante amount gets collected then each player is given 3 cards.

Onthe basis of the value of these three cards player on his turn can decide fromany of the following actions:·         Bet·        Call·        Raise·        FoldIf in case all players except one fold their cards then theplayer left is declared as the winner of the money collected in pot. In suchcases there is no need for winner to disclose his cards to other players. Well,if this is not the case and there is more than one bettor after completion ofthe round then one more card is given to all the remaining bettors. This isfollowed by the second round of betting. Once the final rounds come to an endthen all the remaining bettors show their cards. Just like poker, player withthe highest value cards wins the game and gets all the money.Value of domino is calculated by the number of spherespresent on each domino.

The value of domino ranges from 0-9. This means out oftotal value only unit place value is considered. Following are the special ranking cards or special hands·        Totalvalue of domino spheres on the four domino cards is equal to more than 40·        Totalvalue of domino spheres on the four domino cards is equal to or less than9·        4doubles·        StraighthandA player can play qqonline or kiu kiu online onvarious available situs poker onlinewebsites.

   Online gambling: An easy and convenient option for gamblers. Playing qq onlineor kiu kiu online or dominoqq online is one of themost amazing experiences for all those who love this game. It’s a fun lovinggame. Number of sites as well as mobile app is there where the game is free ofcharge. It’s a classic game of Indonesia.

The game is played almost like famousgambling poker game. This game is for everyone this means anyone (male orfemale), of any age group can play and enjoy the game.There are various sites where player can play qq online or kiu kiu online or dominoqqonline without even registering. They just need to login using theirFacebook account and that’s it.

Well this doesn’t mean that people who want toenjoy this game for gambling purpose has no options. There are number of sites wheregamer can play qq online or kiu kiu online or dominoqq online with currency. Registering to these sites isalso quite easy. Moreover a gamer doesn’t need to worry about money till thetime he apply for an account on these casino sites. Another benefit of gambling online is its limitless option. Yeslike casino’s online gambling doesn’t have any upper limit set.

A gambler cankeep on gambling according to his will. Cashless transaction is another majorbenefit of gambling online. Well the money can be credited as well as debiteddirectly to your account or card. Availability of number of games on the same screen. Like casinothere is no need for changing place or table to play another game. A gamblercan select the game of his choice from the variety of games available online. Moreovera switch can be made easily with just one click.

This means if a player playingqq online or kiu kiu online or dominoqqonline wants to switch to Black jack then with just one click he canswitch to new game.      

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