K’na of their love was not that smooth,

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Last updated: April 22, 2019

    K’na the dreamweaver was written and directed by Ida Anita Del Mundo and was released in the Philippines last August 14, 2015 in Cinemalaya film. The movie uses the T’boli language as a way of communication between the characters. The story talks about K’na, the princess of the tribe wherein she met a young boy who she eventually  fell in love with.

The journey of their love was not that smooth, they went through a very rough path wherein the father of K’na went between them. He let his daughter go through a fixed marriage with another man from the Northern tribe in order to fix the feud between North and South Cotabato.      In my opinion, the reason behind the ongoing war between North and South Cotabato was a bit shallow. The reason was not that justifiable for me to be convinced that the movie is realistic. The grandmother of K’na is the one to blame for the ongoing feud between the parties, even if she just chose to run for her happiness and to be with the one she loved rather than being trapped into someone else she is not happy with. Her choice was a bit selfish as she did not think about the consequences that may happen to her family by ditching her supposed to be wedding with the “datu” of the North Cotabato. On the other hand, with the reason behind the feud it shows that pride is something very precious for a person. When this pride gets stepped on, it can result to strong hatred and eventually cause a big fight between two people.

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The war between the two parties also let me realize that not everything that we want we can have and with every action that an individual, makes there is a corresponding consequence that will happen.      Every ethnic group has their own specialties and weaving was the specialty of the T’boli tribe. Weave was more of a symbol for the tribe. The movie was really promising in this part as they showed the viewers the things that the T’boli tribe usually do, with their dance, meeting and weaving. They really did very well in this part because they really looked like the people from the old tribe by wearing the cultural clothes. By using these equipments, they have showed the audience their connection with the tribe. The rituals that were used in the wedding of K’na was also promising. I really believe that in every culture there is an existing ritual in a wedding, which they have showed the audience.

They have showcased the dance of the tribe and the way they exchange their vows. It was very unique that makes an individual aware that it  is something that belongs in the past.       I really admired the love of Silaw to K’na as he was a man full of effort just to prove his sincereness to the lady. He was a guy full of surprises which is a really good point in the movie.

Director del Mundo wrote this part of the story in a very romantic way that makes the viewers want to watch the both of them. Silaw uses Abacá fibers to showcase his love for K’na. He uses white abacá fibers to show K’na that his love for her was very pure. I really loved Silaw when he hang those abaca fibers into the branch to let K’na see them from the North.

It was very romantic of him and makes me want to go back to the past and be K’na. His love for K’na was so strong that she became the reason for his death. Which is somehow romantic but at the same kind of  foolish.

He does not need to die just because K’na is already married to another guy. Because if something is meant to be, it will eventually happen.        Overall, the movie was nice but its story was a little bit cliché as it talks about fixed marriage to solve problems. The movie was also a bit boring for me, it did not catch my attention.

But they have filmed the movie in a really nice angle.

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