Korea’s becoming more premium and diversified, as the

Korea’s coffee industry is more than doubled compared to 5 years ago.

The expansion in consumption and import of coffee made Korea 11th largest
coffee market in the world. People in South Korea are one of the top global
coffee consumers, thinking about the size of the country. There are about 12300
coffee shops in the country and it is expected to have 1000 more coffee shops
by the end of 2018.  Coffee consumption
markets are expected to take half of the world total within seven years. A lot
of these markets take place in Asia. Demand and competition would bring out a
higher quality of the coffee. As the demand for coffee will grow steadily, the
demand for premium coffee would also increase. At the beginning stage of the
entrance of café in Korea, people tend to favor instant and quick coffee. In
fact, countries and Asia and other countries in which people used to drink tea
favored instant coffee later. Instant coffee is not simply about quickly making
and drinking coffee. Instant coffee is becoming more premium and diversified,
as the coffee market in Korea is expanding. Coffee market in Korea has been
rising exponentially, especially for past seven years. The Number of coffee
shops and consumptions of coffee has roughly tripled since 2005. The size of
the coffee industry of South Korea has been growing more than 2.6 times
compared to 2012. With the rapid expansion of coffee industry in Korea,
franchise coffee shops are also increasing. The consumption trends amongst
young people and a cafe culture are the key factor that runs the coffee

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World Barista Competition(WBC)

Although Korea is so much popular for having excessive amounts of coffee
shops, they do not perform well in World Barista Competition. Korea ranked 18th
place for 2016 WBC, 34TH place for 2015 WBC, and 14TH place for 2014 WBC. Even
World Barista Competition is held in Seoul, Korea performed poorly on it. They
have never made to the semi-finals. Such poor performance in such café
saturated country represents that Koreans are not really interested in
developing coffee. 


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