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Last updated: May 13, 2019

Kristian PayneMs. ToramallTechnology1/9/17 Beneficial Technology Technology is giving firefighters an extra advantage when it comes to fighting fires. They have technology that allows them to monitor fires and tell them important information about the fire. The technology can help during fighting the fire too with special helmets they have. Firefighters can fight fires easily because of technology.             Their technology tells them data on the fires they’re monitoring. They have helicopters that carry iPads that are able to monitor wildfires. There’s also an aircraft that is equipped with high tech sensors that tells firefighters if fires are moving into residential areas.

In Sweden, firefighters wear helmets called C-Thru, that have lens that gives data like vitals, temperature, remaining oxygen, and CO2 levels. It also, comes with a thermo-optic camera that allows them to see through smoke. The firefighters are able to change or stop fires much easier cause of technology.             In Geosynchronous Orbit they have been developing a system called Fire Urgency Estimator (FUEGO).

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FUEGO uses satellite and drone technology to monitor wildfires in their early stages. Another business called Orange Business Services uses connected sensors to gather data from remote areas that can be potential hot spots. Virtual Reality is also becoming an important part in fighting fires.

The VR simulators are used to train firefighters, it simulates real fire scenarios and you’re able to change physical characteristics to prepare them for real life situations. The VR simulator is more for smokejumpers who parachute into remote areas to fight wildfires.              Technology is very beneficial to firefighters when it comes to fighting fires.

It’s critical for fire fighters to be really prepared for areas that are mostly affected with wildfires. Sensor technologies, drones, data analytics, and more are providing firefighters with the tools they need. These technologies can help save people’s lives. 

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