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Kuala Lipis is one of the Districts which are located in Pahang. II. Kuala Lipis is situated right at the middle of the peninsula Malaysia, located between Sungai Lipis and Sungai Jelai. III. Due to its past strategic position, Kuala Lipis was made as the capital of Pahang by the British.IV. Based on old history books, the centre of Peninsular Malaysia is in the district of Kuala Lipis.

V. Kuala Lipis is very popular among the Tourist who are looking for holiday with a blend of nature adventure and historical sightings. (Transition: Now, let’s start with the attraction places that are located at Kuala Lipis) BODY I. Kuala Lipis have a lot of attraction places. A. History of SMK Clifford 1. Former British capital of Pahang, the school with the British architecture was the first to be setup in Pahang. .

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Being the first English school in Pahang, it became a place to educate some of the elites and also recognized as an historical building inherited from the British in early 1900. B. About Pahang Club 1. Pahang club is among the earliest surviving building left by the British occupancy of Pahang.

2. In 1926, the house was vacated and became the club for British Official and High Ranking Personals and its membership was opened to British and Royal family. C. The Aborigines in Pantos 1.The aborigines of Pahang have a lot of knowledge about the local flora and fauna that can be shared with the visiting tourists. 2. The Pantos settlement is populated by about 200 people from 25 families and has a small village school and majority had embraced Islam. (Transition: Besides having an interesting place, Kuala Lipis also known as the birthplace of famous people) II.

The famous person from Kuala Lipis. A. Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib bin Tun Hj Abd Razak. 1. Najib was born on July 23, 1953 at Bukit Buis when his father, the late Tun Razak was living in Kuala Lipis. .

He was the son of Tun Abdul Razak, who is a former Prime Minister of Malaysia. B. Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza Binti Taruddin. 1. During childhood Siti had enter SRJK Clifford, Kuala Lipis and further studies at SMK Clifford. 2. Siti is now a Malaysian singer, songwriter, record producer, television presenter and businesswoman.

(Transition: Next, I will tell you about the interesting activities that you can do at Kuala Lipis. III. Interesting activities that you can do at Kuala Lipis. A.

Rafting Festival From Kuala Lipis To Pekan B. Jungle tracking at Kenong Park. 1.Kenong Jungle Park is one of the attractions of Kuala Lipis where it covers a large area of south east of the Malaysia National Park. 2. One of the attractions of the park is the millions years old lime stone caves, inviting further exploration by the visitors. CONCLUSION I.

Kuala Lipis is situated at the centre of Peninsular Malaysia is one of the district of Pahang. II. Very popular among the tourist who are looking for holiday with a blend of nature adventure and historical sightings.

III. Besides having many attractions, Kuala Lipis also famous for its many historic sites.I am sure you will feel the pleasure visiting Kuala Lipis. BIBLIOGRAPHY Visit Malaysia (n. d). Kenong Rimba Park. http://pahang. attractionsinmalaysia.

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Retrieved from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Siti_Nurhaliza May I know how many people here who have been to Kuala Lipis before.

Before that let me show you the map of Pahang. Although Kuala Lipis only is a small town, but it have many historical and interesting places. He was born in Kuala Lipis on July 23, 1953. She has lived at the confluence seam while his father held the position of State Secretary of Pahang.

The house where he was born has been used as a

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