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Last updated: September 23, 2020

Kudler Fine Foods Human Resources is a good looking from the employee side, they have one of the best recruitment and training programs I have seen. The company recruits employees primarily from outside organizations but only for entry level and all the other positions are posted internally within each store. I believe that giving the opportunity to your current employees for the available positions will encourage them to perform better if they get the job.The training involved in the “New Employee Orientation”, where the new employee is briefed with the functions of his new position, also the employee’s receive a three-week on-the-job training and six day period of working with an assigned “buddy” co-worker. I remember when I was working for Dell Inc.

they offered me six weeks of training and two weeks onsite training with actual customers. Some of the issues I have seen in this company are the vacation system where the employees can’t take a 2 week vacation after 5 years of working with the company.Kudler uses Quick Books and has outsourced payroll processing to Intuit. QuickBooks database tracks personal information, pay rate, personal exemptions for tax purpose, Hire date and more. Only an accounting clerk is allowed to enter into the system the employee information that is submitted in writing by the employee’s supervisor. Each store has all the employees files for the employees in the store, there is no central file location.

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The duty of the HR personnel is to gather the best workers for the jobs the company has to offer, the HR enables the store managers to hire their employees.Class Discussion: One of the issues that I mentioned is the vacation, where the employees have to wait 5 years in order for them to receive a 2 week vacation. I believe that the company should provide the 2 week vacation after a year of work as well as them passing their annual review. Further more, the company needs implement better way to save the employees information, this mean the company having to invest in a server for each store that communicates with the main server where it is going to backup and save the information.

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