Kya started taking piano lessons when she was

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Last updated: September 24, 2019

Kya AmbuehlChoirMr. NeisenJanuary 8, 2018Emily Feld I am doing my paper on Emily Feld. Birthday????? She grew up in Rosemount, Minnesota and then she went to college in Moorhead, Minnesota. Then she moved back to Rosemount so now she is living in Rosemount, Minnesota. Music was a big part of her live since she was young. She started taking piano lessons when she was only 5 years old.

Being a composer is her main job! She graduated with a bachelor of a Music degree in Piano Performance. How many songs she has composed???  Do you have a most famous piece??? She open up her own studio in Rosemount. She loves working with kids of all ages. So my first piece is called Christ has No Body. WHY I LIKE IT??????  WHY DID THIS PIECE STICK OUT TO ME????? WHAT DID THIS MAKE ME THINK ABOUT???  This song is written in SATB. It says on the website that I used that a Congas was the instrument.  IS IT A HAPPY OR SAD SOUNDING SONG????? IS IT SLOW OR FAST SOUNDING SONG???? WHAT LANGUAGE IS THE SONG IN???  BACKSTORY??? The second piece that I picked is called The Piece of Wild Things. I picked it because I like the recording that I was really good.

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And it sounded really good. I also like it because the I like the title of it, it just sounds cool. It stuck out to me because of the name but when I listened to it, I really liked how it sounded! It made me think of the children’s book Where the Wild Things are because of the name of the piece.  Also it made me think about how Emily Feld wrote this and it is really good! This song is written in SATB. It doesn’t say that there was any instruments used and in the recording it doesn’t sound like there is any instruments.  It like sounds like a sad song at the beginning but towards the middle it starts sounding happier but most of it is pretty sad sounding.

That’s how I thought of it as. It starts out in the beginning as slow and the same with the happy or sad towards the middle it gets faster.  This song is was written in English.

It doesn’t really have a backstory online that I found. The third piece that I Work Cited

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