Kyle consumers love to realize that the organizations

Kyle Leon.Thank you very much foryour time and consideration, Hope to hear from yousoon.When taking all thesematters into considerations, I recommend all emails that are internal base mustbe circulated through the online portal.

As a result of this, there will beless printing and photocopying. For this reason, the company will make a stepin the right direction to cut back on papers and decrease operating cost expense.I also recommend that we have boxes in place for wasted papers to be recycled.As well as in the near future we should purchase eco-friendly printing papers.By doing this, the company will be able to generate revenue by dropping offrecyclable papers to recycle center.

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With the generating revenue that wecollected from the recycling center, it can go towards the monthly purchase oftoner and sheets of papers. Another benefit of using these eco-friendlyprinting paper will be helping to protect the environment. Lastly, by usingeco-friendly papers, this will enhance our company’s image towards ourcustomers and clients that we are not only interested in making revenues, butwe are also apart of protecting the environment we serve. Also, consumers loveto realize that the organizations they purchase from are mindful; promoting andrecycling.

With these efforts by the company, it will even expand clientfaithfulness. More importantly, recycling will improve the company image withemployees by boosting their moral, and this will inevitably decrease staffturnover while increasing the productivity in the organization. All in all, thecompany would benefit significantly if you and your management team wouldinitiate these proposals and develop an eco-friendly recycling environment forthe office. In conclusion, I am hopeful that, with these given suggestions, youwould take some time to look into them for the near future.As an employee of MaplesFS, I have been observing the paper usage for the last six months by everyonewithin the company. With that being said, I would like to propose a plan, whichI believe would be beneficial for the company.

 Also, it will not only be for lowering on operating cost but as well asallowing the company to be environmentally friendly. For this reason, if thecompany were to follow through with this plan we will be adding value to ourenvironment by creating a positive impact of reuse and recycling, so less of ouroffice waste can be in the landfill. Firstly, I believe if we determine howmuch paper we purchase monthly, this would better save the company’s money asstaff would economize on paper resource better. Secondly, controlling theamount of paper being used monthly will also be a step in the right directionin reducing waste in the environment. For instance, due to the availability ofpapers, employees consumption of it has been poorly managed as papers are allthrown away in the copy room. In addition to this, there are instances wheredocuments are printed and are not claimed by anyone. Along with papers thatcome out as blank and goes to waste.

With these issues, it causes an incrementin the company’s spending for more ink and paper. Over the past month and ahalf, we have purchased two hundred extra sheets of paper and two toners fromour regular order of one hundred sheets of paper and one toner. With this inmind, the cost of a single toner is approximately $385 and depending on thebrand type of paper it can range from $5.50 to $6.25 per pack. In other words,it is evident that there will have to be adjustments in the company spending onmaterials such as toner and paper.  Dear Mr.


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