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La SalleBy Trevor CrouchTable of Contents : Early Life : Exploration : Finally Finding the Mississippi River : La Salle’s Horrible Last ExpeditionIntroduction La Salle was the first person to travel the length of the Mississippi River.  He was most known for bringing an expedition down to the Mississippi River and claimed it for France.  His death was because of his own men murdered him!!  They murdered him because he was French so they wanted to kill him because they did not like that.Early Life   La Salle was born in November 22 1643 in Rouen France.   When La Salle was born he was part of a rich family.  His parents were Jean Cavelier, Catherine Geest, and brother Jean Cavelier.

 La Salle went to Jesuit college.  He studied priesthood but when he was 22 he found out that he was more into exploration and in 1666 he went to Canada to meet his fortune.ExplorationLa Salle was a hug part of the fur trade because of this he went to seek more.  So when he went back to France in 1677 he ask the kings permission to go explore the western parts of New France and to build as many forts as he wanted.

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 In 1678 he returned to Canada with an Italian soldier named Henri de Tonty who was his most loyal friend and ally.  In the early following year he built the “Griffon” with Henri which was the first commercial sailing ship on Lake Erie.  Finally Finding the Mississippi RiverAfter several losses La Salle had finally found the Mississippi River that he dreamed of for so long he finally found it.  But he couldn’t explore it because Henri and his crew were in danger so he had to turn back to help them.  Then La Salle and eighteen Native Americans succeeded on canoeing down the Mississippi river and got to the Gulf of Mexico.

 On 1682 they claimed the whole of the Mississippi basin to France and named it louisiana after King Louis XIV.   La Salle’s Horrible Last Expedition The first team to set out and find the lossed Mississippi River died because of a drunken pilot and the men got stranded on a island and died.Then la salle’s crew was horrible for a start for the search of the lost Mississippi river because the crew barely left France and they lost vessels from shipwreck,  while everyone started to get sick.  From a miscalculation the accidently ended up in Matagorda Bay in Texas which was 500 miles west.   After many searches for the lost Mississippi River La Salle died on March 19 1687 and he was 44 years old and died by his own men because they he was french and they did not like that.

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