ladder. UK. To conclude that social networks, social

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ladder. outcomes but if when you work hard for something is remarkable, which may lead to a positive influence on your social class. However with hard work and determination. I believe anyone can accomplish anything.

In united kingdom you have a lot of opportunity for education to achieved and eventually you can be whatever class you can reach on. Moreover structural movement is the second type of mobility that refers to change in society that allow large numbers of people to move up and down a society classThere remain numerous vital enquiries in the sympathetic the social and atmosphere on the health. The above explains considerable on the three classes in the UK. To conclude that social networks, social support and health ,occupational status ,income and educational attainment all affect an individual health. Given that several social variables affect the health of an individual.

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There are significant opportunities in understanding the gaps on how the social and individual factors influence health Conclusion The middle-class society are professionals and office workers who are educated and have certain standards jobs that work around what the system sets out also depending their skills. They are identified as the living above the median poverty line of developing countries. For instance, middle class people will generally have more opportunity to education before reaching school age because as the child progresses through school the parents will promote education to their child by encouraging reading, homework and extra-curricular activities. The effort put forth by parents has a bigger impact on their children’s educational achievement than the effort expended by either teachers or the students themselves. The content of parent’s conversations with kids matters too. While the conversations parents have with their children change as kids grow older Furthermore, low income societies don’t see as much value in education then that of the middle class and high-class parents do to their children.

also, they are more likely to go public school and drop out of school early. They are more likely to work long hours, so it is difficult for them to visit schools and they might also see education as of less importance because they might have found their own education had little relevance to their jobs. That’s why some low-income students are less motivated in school and thus they have lower level of achievement contrary to middle class people and upper class who highly value education and begin promoting its value to their children at a very young age.

Working class have a poor nutrition habit they consume a lot of fast food and very little healthy eating compare than to upper class and middle-class societies tend to consume a better nutrition this is because they can afford different kind of healthy food over the lower classes. (Drewnowski 2008)The employment in working class seems very low because they have mostly of their jobs are unskilled, physical and long hours with lower salary. In terms of their lower income can lead to in poverty and long-term unemployment.  the lower come it can lead to increase health risk such as increased developing health issues and diseases such as unhealthy lifestyles, increase stress levels and malnutrition ultimately affecting health in the lower classes.

lifestyle choices affect health as it can be seen in the level of obesity and alcohol-related diseases, also they were more likely to smoke than those from higher income as well. Those with Low income have shown to be more associated with a higher prevalence of dementia. They also show an increase in psychiatric comorbidity and a worse baseline of cognitive functioning people with low class they are more likely to die early from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, asthma and cancer (Redline & Williams, 2012)   Furthermore, a health of these societies can be more affected because the house where they lived can be often found near high traffic, industrial area and some house has damp this cause asthma, physical and mental instable can occur in residents, a possible cause of this would be the neighbours constantly moving in and out of the neighbourhood leading to less social interaction.Moreover, the lower class recognise as mostly has a low income, limited access to education, poor housing and long-term unemployment.  Hence in terms of a location these societies are in a variety of areas across the nation most of their houses in a council estate, high-rise apartment buildings, poor access, reduced green space and unsafe areas.

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