LAN to back up the data cannot proceed

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LAN·        You canshare peripherals like expensive laser printers·         ·        A fileservercan be used to store and share documents and files centrally·         ·        Electronicmessages (email) can be sent between computers·         ·        Thecomputers on the network can be centrally managed·          A user will usually be able to retrieve work that has been deleted by mistake. This is because Central back-up can take place automatically at regular intervals.Networksecurity can be a problem.

If a virus gets into one computer, it is likely tospread quickly across the network because it will get into the central backingstore.Users of thenetwork have to have user names and passwords. Some users are not very good atkeeping passwords secret, or they may use passwords that are easy to guess.

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Other people can then log onto the network.If thededicated file server fails, work stored on shared hard disk drives will not beaccessible and it will not be possible to use network printers either. RouterRouters can connect different networkarchitectures, such as Ethernet and Token Ring Router can choose the best path across aninternetwork using dynamic routing techniques Routers reduce network traffic by creatingcollision domains Routers reduce network traffic by creatingbroadcast domains Router is more expensive than Hub,Bridge & Switch. Router only work with routable protocol.Routing updates consume bandwidth.Increase latency due to greater degreeof packet filtering.HubsHub can connect multiple devicestogether in a network A hub is used to internal connectivitybetween systems It Is cheap to setup and monitorA hub has minimum 4 ports and cannotaccommodate for big networks Delays as all the ports are used forevery transmission.

Not good on large networksNetwork Storage Device (Server) It acts as a complete and standard platform to theadministrators for storing the files and documents. It helps to fasten the work by storing huge amount ofdata within a short span of time. It helps for easy and fast communication between otherelectronic devices like computers, printers, scanners, etc. and thus reducesboth the time and the extra workload of the individual.   The major drawback of using the network attachedstorage device is that it mainly runs on the file system Linux. During a powerloss or machine failure, to retrieve or to recover any document or file fromthe system you are in need of help of the professional data recovery software and services.

 The end users who want to back up the data cannotproceed directly. They have to do it through the installed operating systemonly. Bus TopologyIt works well when you have a small network. Easiest network topology for connecting computers or peripherals in alinear fashion. Requires less cable length than a star topology. Difficult to identify the problems if the whole network goes down. It can be hard to troubleshoot individual device issues. Wireless Access PointMore user access, anordinary wireless router can only support 10-20 users access, while AP is ableto allow over 50 or even hundreds of user’s access, and what’s more, it hasstronger ability to send and receive signals.

 Better range oftransmission. An AP can cover more distance of up to 300 meters Flexible networking. The networking mode of the wirelessrouter is relatively single with low amounts of flexibility. However, an AP hasa variety of modes for the user to choose from, wireless client, wirelessbridge, multi-point bridge etc.High cost, some peoplethink that wireless AP is a little bit expensive, because for enterprises, whenthe scale of enterprise wireless network is larger, the more wireless APs areneeded, thus the higher cost that enterprises will undertake.

  It cannot be used alone. Many peoplewould firstly think of wireless routers instead of wireless AP at the mentionof building wireless networks, unless it’s a large hotel, or public places. Themain reason is that a wireless AP can’t be used alone, can’t be directlyconnected to ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop) modem and it needs tobe used in conjunction with other equipment like switches, controllers, Ethernethubs, etc.

Therefore, many people would find it very troublesome and lessconvenient as a wireless router. Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-TIt is faster than any other Ethernet type out there, 10times faster than fast Ethernet It is faster than wireless internet since the connectionis wired meaning that data will be transferred quicker It can be complex and expensive to setup for someonewithout knowledge of how to do so. Cable management could be an issue, if cables are notmanaged properly this can cause errors and confusion, having everythingwireless would eliminate this issue.  Software FirewallFirewalls can block ingoing connections from the internetto a user Firewalls can also prevent malicious data Firewalls can make sure that a connection is secure It can slow down the network connection Can assume something is malicious when it is not whichcan prevent work of completely safe programs.Internet Users are able to obtain unlimited access to information Communication can help globally and in real time Resources are able to be shared to others online.

It can be a breeding ground for illegal activity Viruses or other malicious content can be downloaded fromthe internet causing damage to the user’s computer.  Evaluation of my networkThis is a LAN network setup that consists of tworooms. LAN is most suitable here since the network is not small enough to be aPAN but not large enough to be considered a MAN or WAN. By using LAN you areable to share peripherals with others in the network such as scanners andprinters. A user is also given the ability to retrieve work which has beendeleted by mistake, this is possible because central back-up can take placeautomatically at regular intervals.

However, if the dedicated fileserver failsthen the work that is stored on the shared hard drives will not be accessible. Thetopology used is bus. My reason for using the bus topology is that it usually works well when you have a smallersize network, such as a LAN. The bus topology uses one main cable to directlyconnect all the machines together, the main cable can be seen as the backbonefor the network.

However, if there ever was an issue with an individual deviceor even the network then troubleshooting can be hard because there may be a lotof devices connected and there might be multiple collisions. All the nodes usea wired connection to connect to the main cable using Gigabit Ethernet, which can also be known as 1000BASE and it isdefined by the IEEE 802.3 standard. Gigabit Ethernet is able to provide 10times faster transfer speeds than the 100BASE Ethernet, therefore it is morepreferable.

Even though it would be better to use Gigabit Ethernet, some peopleprefer not to due to the complexity of its setup and cost. Others thereforeprefer to use wireless connections to eliminate this issue. A router is used so that all the deviceconnected within the network may have access to the internet. It is moreexpensive than a hub or a switch but it is able to connect different networkarchitectures such as Ethernet and Token Ring. The resources which are beingshared would be the: Printer, Scanner and a network storage device. The Printeris wireless which means no cables are needed to beused and it can be accessed by the network still. The scanner is connected tothe server and all the nodes are connected to hubs and both of the hubs are connected to the server which allowsthe scanner to be used by everyone in both rooms.

I had used a hub in mynetwork because it is capable of connected multiple devices together in anetwork. Despite a hub only having four ports, this doesn’t impact my networksince it is a smaller network and doesn’t require more than four anyway. Alarger network would suffer from this however. A network storage device is a data storage server which is connectedto a computer network which allows data retrieval and storage from acentralized location for a number of authorized network users. It acts as astandard platform for administrators for storing files and documents. If thereis a power loss or machine failure then if you are trying to retrieve any filesor documents you would need help from a data recovery software or service. Forsecurity a firewall is used. Afirewall is a network security system that is designed to prevent unauthorizedaccess to the network from outside the network.

Firewalls can also prevent anymalicious data from entering your computer and furthermore, the network itself.A drawback of firewalls is that it can assume a program is a Trojan ormalicious when it is a completely safe program. Another security system wouldbe a LAN administrator. This person would be responsible for maintaining theLAN and other equipment which shares a common communication line or networkserver. An administrator can also restrict access to users in certain places.For example, the administrator can grant access to a user to login in Room 1but deny access to login in Room 2 if that is what the administrator wants. A Wireless Access Point (WAP) or knownas AP, is a networking hardware device that allows a Wi-Fi device to connect toa wired network. By having an AP it allows more user access since an ordinarywireless router can only support about 10-20 users while an AP is able tosupport 50+.

It also has a better range of transmission, an AP is able to cover100 – 300 meters. These are the main reasons why I picked it to be part of mynetwork however, it can be costly, whenever the scale of the network is larger, this would require more AP’s which wouldresult in more costs. The advantage of using internet is that a user is able toobtain unlimited access to information and resources. We use the internet toshare and receive resources with others, which is why it is essential to haveand utilize in a network. However, viruses and other malicious content can be downloaded from the internetcausing damage to the user’s computer.

Therefore, it is important that there issomebody always monitoring the network and users activity’s.  

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