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the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.”sally sells seashells by the sea shore.

Free verse
No rhyme or meter

an exaggeration”the shot heard round the world”

the formation of mental images, figures, or likenesses of things, or of such images collectively”one bite of the sour lemon caused my lips to pucker”

a short poem that expresses emotion

A comparison of two unlike things “Life is one long, scary roller coaster”

The use of words to indicate sounds”bang, crash boom”

Giving inanimate objects human characteristics.”The leaves danced their way across the lawn”

the message or emotion the author is trying to convey.

Poet addresses an absent person, an abstract idea, or a thing”Hello darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk to you again.

End Rhyme
When rhyme occurs at the end of lines”there once was a pear. who had fluffy hair.”

A type of poem that tells a story

A thing that represents or stands for something else”united State flag”

A comparison of two unlike things using like, as, or than.

The paradoxical statement combining two terms that are contrary”‘jumbo shrimp”

Rhyme Scheme
Pattern of rhymes at the end of each line of a poem or song

The repetition of vowel sounds within words”The rain in Spain falls mainly in plains.”

A word, syllable, or line that has a sound that corresponds with another

when did Langston Hughes start writing

where was Hughes born
Joplin, Missouri

Who did Langston live with in Lawrence, Kansas until he was thirteen
his grandmother Mary Sampson Patterson Leary Langston

who did he live with after his grandmother
His mother in Lincoln, Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio

why did Langston grow up insecure and unsure of himself
he wasn’t allowed to live with them

what happened in eight grade
he wrote his first verse and was named class poet

who published Langston’s first piece
The central High Monthly, a sophisticated school magazine

who were Hughes first influences
Carl Sandburg and Walk Whitman

When did Langston father reenter his life and where did he want to meet him up
Summer after Junior year, they wanted to meet up in Toluca, Mexico

what happened after he argues with his father
it matured his writing

why did Langston return to his father after graduating highschool
In hopes for his father to pay for his college education at Columbia University in New York City

how did Langston get to Toluca, Mexico?
by train

what poem did Langston write on his way to see his father
“The Negro Speaks of Rivers”

what did his father want him to be?
an engineer

how Did Hughes impress his father
by sending some poems to the Brownies Book and Crisis magazines

When did he enter Columbia University?
In the fall of 1921

what was the name of his high-school
central high-school

what was The Big Sea
the first volume of his autobiography. Much of what we know about the harlem renaissance we know from Langston Hughes point of View

The weary Blues
one first prize in 1925 and was the name of his first volume in 1926

What rhythms does Langston use in his poetry
African American music, particularly blues and Jazz

what was the name of Langston second volume of poetry
Fine Clothes to the Jew (1927) but was not well received at the time

where did Langston Hughes return to in 1926
black Lincoln University in Pennsylvania

who convinced him to write “Not Without Laughter”
Charlotte Osgood Mason, a 70 year old white womanBUT HAD A DISPUTE IN 1930 WHICH ENDED THE CREATION OF THE POEM

what was Mulatto (1930)
longest running Broadway play written by an African American

What did Hughes begin writing in 1942 during World War II
The Chicago Defender

What were the simple columns
Fictional, while humorous discussions that allowed Hughes to talk about serious racial issues.they ran for 20 years and were collected in several books

what was Langston dream, and did he achieve his goal?
to own a home in Harlem, yes he did in 1947

what was his best known volume of poetry

When and how did Langston die
ON May 1967 Langston Hughes Died after having had abdominal surgery.

how was Hughes funeral
like his poetry, it was all blues and jazzthe pianist Randy Weston was asked to play at his funeral

what was another name for the Harlem Renaissance
a time of rebirth

What do jazz and blues have in common with Alfred Brooks from The Contender?
They both came from Harlem

what is being reborn in the harlem renaissance
the rebirth of African American image, identity, culture

when did the Harlem Renaissance take place
took place in the 1920s-1930s

what was built in 1904
Harlem, originally for the upper class white community

what was the problem with harlem at first
It was such an expensive place to live and not marketed properly so no one moved in.

what happened to Harlem in 1914
the area was opened up to the growing Black population.

since New York is a port city what happened?
Blacks from the south, Africa, and the West Indies made their way to Harlem.

what was the “New negroes”
newly found sense of pride in black heritage, desire for political and social equality

what happened from the mid 1920’s to the 1930’s
16 Black writers published 50 volumes of poetry and fiction.

what type of music traveled with African American populations
Jazz and BLues

who was Langston Hughes?
a poet

who was Zora Neale Hurston?
a writer (wrote Their Eyes Were Watching God in 1937)

who was Bessie Smith?
a blues musician

who was Duke Ellington?
a jazz musician

during the great depression who shifted their focus to economic and social issues?

how many books appeared after 1929?
almost 1/3

what two images are presented in the poem “Dreams”?
Broken winged Bird & Barren Field frozen with snow

what type of figurative language is this “Life is a broken-winged bird”

what is the message of the poem “Dreams”
Don’t let go of your dreams because you will have no purpose in life

what is the tone of the poem “Mother to Son”
motivational & uplifting

what is the message of the poem “Mother to Son”
no one will ever have a perfect life. There will always be an obstacle a person will have to overcome

what imagery does Langston Hughes use in the poem “Mother to Son”
Crystal, tacks, splinters, torn up boards,

How is are rivers connected to African Americans?
rivers are unpredictable, all of which have a different story to tell.

Why is the word I repeated in the poem “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”
it represents the “Collective I” (All Africans, past, present, and future)

what do all the rivers in “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” mean
Euphrates: cradle of civilizationCongo: Western AfricaNile: Egyptian cultureMississippi: United States – Nations headland

What is the poem “The Negro” about?
all the things African Americans had to go through in order to be free(we know this because every stanza starts with “I’ve been” which means all ready happened”

what does it mean when Langston Hughes states “Under my hands the pyramids arose?”
if it wasn’t for the slaves there would be no pyramids

What is the poem ” I, too” about?
it is trying to show that African Americans are just as important as everybody else in the United States

what does is mean by “Tomorrow I’ll sit at the table” in the poem I, Too?
in the near future African American will be treated just like everybody else

what does it mean when Langston Hughes states “But I laugh, And eat well, and grow strong?”
strong and hopeful that something good will happen in the future

what is the message in the poem “Dream Deferred”
when you put a dream off to the side, you are going to lose interest in it

what is the tone in the poem “Dream Deferred”
Full & sad

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