language arts

The least like poetry in form, sound, and purpose is the__c__.

sonnetB. songc. parabled. psalm

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Letters of the alphabet are used to indicate____d__.
A. the rhyme scheme of a sonnetB.

the rhythm of a sonnetc. neither a. or b.

d. both a. and b.

Imagery appeals to the reader’s ___b____.
A. knowledge of literature and historyb. intellectc.

five sensesd. interest in rhythm

The approach to criticism that answers the question, “What did the writer say?” is___b___.
a. evaluationb. intellectc.

five sensesd. interest in rhythm

IN determining a topic for a critical essay, the critic must first __c.____.
a. find evidence to support three possible topics.b. do research to learn which topic already have been written about.c.

narrow his topic to a manageable size.d. decide how many paragraphs should be in the essay.

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