Language human knew a good place to eat,

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Last updated: August 30, 2019

             Language forms passion within people because words are really powerful, everything can be solved by talking and using the right words, that is what Dr.King did he made a huge impact in America and some parts of the world he raised his voice and spoke to the people, he said in his speech that everyone should have the same rights no matter what race they are or their religion, he achieved his goal the black community received the respect and rights that they deserved just by giving that speech. An animal can show another animal where to get food, but animals can not communicate that to other animals without at least barley showing them where the place is.

language makes a big difference, for example if a human knew a good place to eat, he could tell everyone about it. Language is the most vital, powerful tool to humans. Language can keep information, but it can also keep important information for generations. In my own opinion language can solve almost anything, people express emotions through language it helps other people understand what one individual is trying to say or share, that is why Dr.

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King’s speech is so famous because people understood where he is coming from they understand his point of view and his feelings Words have the power to evoke images, emotions and feelings in the listener and also in the reader, they serve to communicate, express and transfer information.When speaking, we have to be sure that what we say is really what we want to say so that others can understand; and when listening to have the security of understanding what they want to tell us; because it is essential that language is connected with experience.Words can be misinterpreted and cause serious personal and even political conflicts at the highest level; and they are also capable of changing our mood, our way of thinking and feeling.             The language has been formed by convention, attributing to human sounds a meaning related to experience; that is, what people agreed to mean over the centuries.t is difficult for people to agree with the meaning of the abstract words we know, such as: love, respect, justice, etc., and this is the difference that does not guarantee human understanding; when words can mean different things according to the perspective each one has.In business as well as in politics, in science and in personal relationships, it is very important to be precise and rigorous in order to communicate, in order not to give rise to erroneous interpretations contrary to our own objectives.Language distinguishes certain meanings, when they are important for a culture, by assigning different words to the same object to make their identification more precise.For example: Eskimos have many words to distinguish different types of snow and in New Guinea they have ninety-two varieties of rice.Words evoke sensory experiences but they are not the experience itself, therefore they are carriers of a subjective component difficult to share.People who work as social communicators in any field must have the ability to use language accurately so that the concepts they disseminate have meaning for others.Neurolinguistic Programming designed a map of the language that it calls metamodel, to reconnect language with experience; to clarify the communication and to be able to transmit with strict fidelity the meaning that you want to express.The language has a very deep structure that is unconscious and what NLP does is to shorten that structure to clarify the language, converting it into a superficial structure.

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