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Last updated: September 29, 2019

Laptops come with all the functionality of a desktop computer but with the best property that unlike the desktop computer, they are portable. but the main disadvantage of the laptop is you cannot adjust the height of the keyboard and the screen separately to achieve the most efficient position fit for the user.The best available way to increase the ergonomics of a laptop is by using it with an adjustable laptop table.

One of the best available laptop table is the Wonder Worker Newton Ergonomic Folding Laptop Table Desk Bed Tray Cooling Pad – Black. The wonder Worker ergonomic folding laptop table review.(1) Ventilation AbilitiesThe Wonder Worker Newton Ergonomic Folding table is made up of high quality aluminium alloy. On the table part it contains ventilation holes for fast and efficient cooling.

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Heat radiated from the laptop via the cooling fans has outlets on the table to pass through thereby keeping the laptop cool.Also aluminium being an excellent thermal conductor, radiates away all heat it acquires quickly. Aluminium cools off rapidly than any other metals, hence any heat that is conducted from the laptop to the table is radiated away quickly.(2) AdjustabilityThe Wonder Worker Newton Ergonomic Folding table has an adjustable height of 4-48 centimeters tall.It is easy, flexible and versatile adjustments with up to 7 positions. For one to adjust the angle of the arms, there is a button that the user presses and hold while rotating the arm to the perfect angle that they prefer.

Around the buttons the angles are indicated making it easier for the user to pick the right one for them.(3) SturdinessThe Wonder Worker Newton Ergonomic Folding table is quite strong and durable as it is made of a high quality aluminium alloy.Aluminium-made products are long-lasting and durable.Also great technology and innovation is employed to ensure the product manufactured is of high quality.(4) Ease of useThe Wonder Worker Newton Ergonomic Folding table main purpose is to make using a laptop more easier, convenient and efficient, without it getting in the way. Itself it is very easy to set up and adjust to the user’s preferences.There are no other external fittings required once a user has purchased this product.It an be placed on most of the surfaces where a user may need to use their laptop.

it can work on tables, bed or couches.The Wonder Worker Newton Ergonomic Folding table can also fit in the arms of standard wheelchairs and it is helpful for wheelchair-bound users.(5) FeaturesIt is made of a strong, high quality aluminium alloy. It is black.

It consists of a table and three pairs of adjustable arms.The arms are of adjustable height from 4 – 48 centimeters. It is pretty lightweight at 1 kilogram(2.95lb).The Table size is 27 X 42 centimeters and is ideal for laptops from 7-19 inches wide.

It has a raised lip stopper that prevents laptops from falling over.(6) ProsThe Wonder Worker Newton Ergonomic Folding table helps the user set the laptop at a height and position that is perfect for the user to minimize screen glare and strain.It is very light making it easier to use and transport.The table has ventilation holes that help in cooling the laptop.It is compatible with all laptops.It is easy to set up and useIt is cheap compared to other products in the market.(7) ConsIt is sometimes quite cumbersome to change the angles as the button that is to be pushed when adjusting the angle can be hard, especially for the elderly and arthritic people.

The lip stopper at the bottom is quite high and not padded with a soft material and it hurts wrists as a user is typing. When raised above 32 centimeters, it becomes a little wobbly especially when on a soft surfaceConclusionThe Wonder Worker Newton Ergonomic Folding table is quite an efficient flexible and adjustable laptop table there is.It is usable everywhere and easily transportable. This makes it one of the best adjustable laptop tables available currently, and its low price makes it the best.It has few shortcomings, but the benefits one gets from it outweigh them.

For any laptop user preparing to purchase an adjustable laptop table, this is one worth checking out.

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