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Last updated: August 10, 2019

The streets crowded, full of clamor. Sadness, desperation, and hatred penetrate the air of Laramie, as picket signs riddled with seething words of resent and pleas for acceptance a like overwhelm the streets. Uncompromising eyes meet the forlorn gaze of fear and love that try to convey the want for security and acceptance in a world that only offers silence as a solution.

The chaos of social unrest, the clash between good intention and misguided ideals, the want for change is what the society ofLaramie painted on the canvas of homosexuality after the murder of Matthew Shepard. This image of turmoil and struggle was what the movie The Laramie project conveyed to me by means of the flashes of protest and riot during the medical updates of Matthew Shepard. The method of the contrasting unification and violence in the demonstrations showed how sensitive the idea of homosexuality and punishment for sexuality really is in society, and that change is needed to protect the safety, life, and standard of living of the homosexual minority.The use of this flash method also allowed me to understand how strongly this effected not only the small town of Laramie but the nation as a whole, giving me a more well rounded perspective that the novel was unable to communicate to me. I was also able to appreciate the compliment that the images of protest gave to the sentiment of change and foreshadow the change that the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard would ignite. The images of mass protest also signified to me the gradual deviation from the idea “live and let live”.This single statement robbed the homosexual population and heir loved ones of a voice, a voice to say who they are, the right to find and express their identities as individuals and embrace their self hood as western society has emptily promised.

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The idea of “live and let live” basically translated to the if you’re not open with you’re taboo lifestyle or sexuality I will not impose my judgement or force upon you. This muted the homosexual community out of fear and shame and forced them into hiding allowing for the society of Laramie to ignore the urden they felt was homosexuality.However the murder of Matthew Shepard helped empower the homosexual community with a voice to stand up and to not be ignore, to fght for the right to show the world they can no longer be held a deaf ear to and they will be heard. In conclusion the images of protest allowed for me to see the overall result of how a abhorrent event can be used to change the world p, and how Matthew Shepard’s death paved the way for something meaningful, change. Laramie project vs Laramie the movie By NaimaJackaon

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