Lascaux where they have been put for show

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Last updated: May 20, 2019

Lascaux cave, famous for its Palaeolithic paintings.

 Found in the Dordogne region of Southwestern France and discovered in 1940 accidentally by 4 teenagers????????????.? It shows us how people worked and lived. The cave contains nearly 2000 paintings of animals and humans that were painted for many generations.

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A few of these paintings that can be seen is a dun horse, a man with a bird head and a bison, and a Megaloceros with line of dots. Paintings in the Lascaux cave were painted using natural pigments called manganese oxide and iron oxide. Iron oxide gave the red and yellow color while the manganese oxide gave the black color. The original cave was closed to the public due to mold and fungus and these paintings started getting damaged by peoples breathing and humidity but slowly trying to restore it. A new one was opened for the public and made a replica of the paintings from the original cave. Fossils and tools were also dug up and stored in a museum where they have been put for show and have made some necklaces out of some of the fossils.

There are theories about why these paintings were done but one is because humans had not learned to write yet. Those who made these paintings, called Magdalenian people, lived about 15,000 years ago and were pretty well advanced. They had a unique culture and we have so much in common with them. These paintings were estimated to be over 17,000 years old.

One of the bulls is the largest painting in the cave, measuring at 16 feet from the top of the horn to the tip of its tail. The bull is the most convincing because since its the largest animal that was painted in the cave its meant to stand out and they might have done so because it meant a lot to them as strength, power, and a sign of their culture. The Bull might have been what they thought of to be important in their religion and honored it.

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