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Last updated: December 20, 2019

Last week Facebook announced updates totheir newsfeed to ultimately ‘seeless public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media1’and to ‘encourage meaningful interactionsbetween people1’.

As a user this can be seen as a positive, butas a publisher or brand this will be challenging. However the latest update hassparked panic among certain publishers who rely on this platform heavily, butwhat are we going to see happen in the near future? We will see an increase in brands and publishers paying to advertise to ensuretheir content is seen; ultimately pushing up the price due to increasedcompetition. The number of advertisers on Facebook has been steadily increasingover the past few years, due to the simplified Advert Manager dashboard andease of campaign set up. However if this newsfeed update means people arespending more valued time on Facebook, inventory for advertising will alsoincrease thus hopefully stopping costs rise drastically.  If as a brand or company you are relianton Facebook page posts as a tactic, it’s a time to think to diversify your Facebook strategy toensure that it includes more that posting on the page you own. This leads us onto highlight one of the 2018 trends, the opportunity of Messenger and theincreased use of Stories which are really interesting way for brands to standout while still emphasising a Facebook strategy.  It’s going to mean that quality needs to be prioritised overquantity.

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For certain ‘social first’ media brands, I’d be worried. Theirbusiness is built nearly entirely on Facebook views of page posts, the trafficto their website relies on this as a traffic source, and less traffic meansless revenue from their display advertising. Publishers need to build retention, currently the user views the article they saw onsocial media on the website and then leaves again. Now this is easy to say butthis also relies on the experience beingoptimal for the user, the experience now needs to be more amazing than everon mobile.

 Facebook’s Adam Mosseri recommendedseveral things to brands and businesses.·      To avoid using engagement bait3·      To create posts that will generateconversation and discussion ·      To use video To attempt and retain some of the organicreach we should encourage users toenable the ‘See First’ option in News Feed Preferences to make sure theyalways see posts from their favourite Pages2. This means that userscan still see the posts from pages they love despite this change in newsfeedstrategy.

 Essentially Facebook are taking the’Media’ out of Social Media and it’s interesting to note the timing of thisdecision. Organic reach for pages declining is no new piece of news, this hasbeen happening slowly over the past 2 years or so. It comes at a time when Facebookis currently under scrutiny in the press for its role in selling advertising inventoryto Russians, being a main destination for fake news and misinformation duringthe 2016 U.S. election and being attributed to the narrowing of usersecho-chambers during the vote for Brexit. It is said that Zuckerberg has becomeincreasingly disturbed that the company he built is doing more harm than good.

He and his team are trying to restore Facebook’s reputation and its value tousers, which has continued to decline, even when the company’s business hasgrown dramatically. We are continuing to work closely withour partners at Facebook to stay at the forefront of any further updates andnews. We are monitoring our client’s performance in terms of reach and cost forany large deviation, then discussing this with our social and creative teams toadapt and action the new approaches which are required.

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