Leadership and how to deal with people who

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Last updated: April 14, 2019

Leadershiphas been defined in many ways by many different people. Perhaps the mostimpactful description that I have encountered is that I can affect more peopleas a servant leader. I believe a person that humbles themselves to become aservant of today, is actually positioning themselves to become a leader oftomorrow, and can have an effect on the business they are in.

            The knowledge I hope to gain comesfrom the idea that I should be willing to support the greater good even if itmeans temporarily sacrificing myself or my ideas. It embraces the concept thatmeeting the needs of others is what allows communities and businesses to reachtheir full potential. The skills I hope to gain involve being able to go aboveand beyond to collaborate and achieve what really doesn’t have a direct benefitto myself.            Working at  global company allowed me to see that in orderfor me manage such talent,  I need tohave a more worldly view of business and how to deal with people who in someways are different from myself. Presently I am positioning myself to advance inthe executive program at work and in doing this, my future goal is to be ableto take on any opportunity anywhere in the world.            I have some international businessexperience due to the fact that many of the components we use at work are madeor manufactured in different countries.

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My company has many manufacturingplants in Mexico, and I travel there multiple times a year to ensure things arebeing produced as expected. I also travel to China and India to visit some ofthe manufacturing plants that supply components necessary for our products.            I know I will have successfullyachieved my goals/objectives by understanding Servant Leadership is theheart-beat of the philanthropic world. It’s in the wave of individuals whogenerously give monetary support to those that dedicate their professionalcareer to the cause.

It’s in both the tireless teams who organize and plan theday and those who wake up early to attend and participate. At this time ofyear, it’s especially appropriate to share the powerful words from one of ourgreatest Servant Leaders, Martin Luther King, Jr. – “Life’s most persistent andurgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others?’                        

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