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Learners are not the only importantfactors affecting their educational lives. In fact, teachers are regarded asdetermining agents in improving students’ academic development. Teachers needto establish a great awareness of the knowledge and experience children bring intothe class and the support they receive from school staff (Stanikzai, 2013).Teachers are convinced about the positive effect of family involvement;however, they avoid involving parents in the teaching process.

This is mainlybecause most teachers do not know how to deal with parents since they have notbeen trained enough to be consulted with (Jones, 2001). Based on the learners’ points ofviews, through the education process many factors can foster or hinderlearners’ success. Among the varieties of influential factors, PI is theconcern of this study.

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Students hold different perceptions of parentalinvolvement. Fletke (1997) believes that most learners, especially elementarylearners want their parents to be involved in their education. She also foundthat they want their parents’ attendance in parent-teacher conferences, parentmeetings, open houses, and extra-curricular activities.

Active academicinvolvement may communicate to students how much their parents and/or teachersvalue their education, which may, in turn, motivate them to engage and succeedin academic tasks (Régner, Loose, & Dumas, 2009).Further, the research shows that themore intensively parents are involved in their children’s learning the morebeneficial the achievement effects will be. This holds true for all types ofparental involvement in children’s learning as well as for students of alltypes and ages. Higher parental involvement has a positive impact on manyindicators of students’ achievement including: higher grades and test scores,enrolment in highly-accredited language programs and advanced classes, highersuccessful completion of classes, lower drop-out rates, higher graduationrates, and a greater likelihood of commencing postsecondary education.Bringing up successful children andguiding them through their life is a huge responsibility for parents. Mostparents want to be sure that their children are provided with thorougheducational opportunities.

Nowadays, in many countries, English languageeducation has attracted considerable attention. It is noteworthy that althoughparents play a critical role in promoting children’s educational life,learners, teachers and other stakeholders especially managers of schools andeducational institutions have their own responsibilities in this respect. Via employingmodern methodologies, many private institutes around the world offer intensiveEFL programs in order to catch up with the worldwide spread of Englishlanguage. A balanced cooperation among these four groups will result in asuccessful language learning experience for the children.

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