Learning management to information assurance? The importance of








Learning Module 5

Alex Alvarez

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Hodges University

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            Learning Activity 02

Did any of the predictions from the video cause
you more concern than the others? 


Yes, the prediction of the internet of things that can be
manipulated by a hacker and with malicious intent by the hacker this would make
the corporation inoperable and can cause for the corporation to lose a lot of
money and can cause a lot of damage to any business because of this.

Learning Activity 03

Chapter 17

Describe the best practices that should be in
place for a quality AT&E program.


First, a respectable AT&E program should have a needs
analysis in place. This test consists of the level of literacy of the personnel
on this certain subject and lets a needs-based prioritization to take effect.
Based on the results of the test the company should build an AT&E program.
The company should put their emphasis on maintaining, developing, and
implementing an information assurance AT&E program. You should reflect the
tactic in the strategy, which is an actual paper that has the planned
essentials and how do they relay to the total information assurance plan.

“Change Management is a Disciplined
Process” – this statement appears in Chapter 17.  Discuss why it is critically important that
this be a true statement in any information assurance program.


This is because change management maintains and progress the
way a corporation can better their own operations while lessening risks
involved in creating changes. It makes sure that all the things that change
whether its temporary or permanent to the information technology structure that
are approved, implemented, and reviewed in a meticulous way.

Chapter 18

What is the importance of change and
configuration management to information assurance?

The importance of change management is that this process is
as way that corporations set forth this process so that when methods and
procedures can be implemented properly. This process would result in less
overhead and can make it easier for the corporation in the long run.
Configuration management controls such things as computer software and hardware
and the documents that come with it. Configuration and change management work
together well because if it is not done this way this can result in a negative
manner in that resources would be wasted because of this.

Chapter 19

Contrast the three access control models –
discretionary, mandatory and role-based.


The difference between these control models is that
discretionary control model the proprietor stipulates which topics can get into
the system. In the mandatory access control model, it is not the users but the
system which says who can access the system. With the role base access control
access is given permission depending on the role that you have with the


Did any of the predictions from the video cause
you more concern than the others? 

Yes, the prediction about blastware
is going to be used by hackers to destroy data and to cover their tracks. This
is because it can be an unpredictable to not only track this but can be harder
to get rid of which can cause great damage and will give the hacker the upper


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