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Last updated: February 13, 2019

October the counseling course began. I was feeling pretty nervous about everything-I haven’t done any learning since I was 18. I don’t have a lot of confidence starting up conversations with people I don’t know. Somehow I felt relaxed and conversations Just started..

. Not sure if it was me starting them but it happened, so wasn’t too awkward. The learning began and I was thrown totally out of my comfort zone.My anxiety went sky high-We had to pair up and listen to information about the person we were paired up with, that wasn’t the bit that scared me it was the relaying that info to the rest of the group and trusting my mind to remember all the info..

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. It’s not that I’m not listening it’s Just because I get so nervous I forget something vital, panic, anxiety and nerves is definitely something I need to overcome. We had the parable of ‘The Good Samaritan’ read to us to help guide us into knowing how to be a model for helping.So after this task we then listened to what the course will entail and require from us as students. A lot of the information went over my head but I did Jot down notes where possible and tried really hard to take It all In. Some things that worried me the most was this (Learning review/Journal) & the recorded skills assessment. Why? I don’t really know- I think It relates back to my nerves and anxiety issues, I over think & forget things.

Also at this current time I don’t take criticism very well… O start with I can get defensive- It does take me time to gets which leads me to worrying about critiquing others.

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